Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nix the Niches?

I am back working on my Altered Book 101 class. This niche was making me drag my heels a bit but I had it on my list of five things to do and it's number was up! Well, I'm going to be glad that I made a niche, but I'm definitely not making another niche this deep. They are not in the instant gratification category. A tad labour intensive. ;^)

First I sectioned off the front pages so I could work on the block of pages at the back of the book that I had reserved for the niche. I used the gel medium to seal up the edges opposite the spine. I clamped it tightly. Then I did the two ends and clamped them. I propped the whole niche section upright and allowed it to dry over night.

The clamps stuck a bit to the paper but I will be prepping the pages later with gesso and colour. I did use my nail file on some of the roughness.

Then I drew a square on the loose page in front of my block of pages which will be the niche. This is the shape for the niche. I used an exacto knife because that is what I had. I cut along the penciled line, working against my acrylic ruler and from each corner.
Then I tucked that first page in with all the foremost pages. It will be used as a window to partially reveal the contents of the niche.

And I began to remove the cut squares. I cut and removed and I cut some more. And there were lots to remove.
Growing weary in well doing I tried my handy dandy rotary cutter. Still, I needed the exacto knife for the corners. Actually I broke the very tip of the blade and I probably should have put another one in but we did 'getter done'! Perhaps hubby's retractable knife would have been better.

I had placed a mat between the block of pages which make the niche and the book's cover. I finally broke thru, cleaned up all the debris, used my nail file on a rather ragged edge and began to apply the gel medium all along the inside edges.

This is a bit tricky to get the clamps positioned but once again they hold things tightly in place as the edges dry and seal. The niche will then dry. It is done in advance because that is easier. We'll revisit the niche later. Next up is colouring the pages. Much more exciting than clear glue!!! Whoo hoo! I have jumped over that wall of procrastination.


Dandelion and Daisy said...

I've been doing altered books for a while but I haven't tried a "niche"....with good reason, I see. You'll do great things with it now that you've "dug the hole", I'm sure. Hope, you plan on showing the finished project.

Createology said...

Whew. That certainly was a work in progress. So glad you finally made it through the stack of pages. Your clamps look like they work pretty well. Mine are smooth with no ridges on the ends. Finished Niche cut out...CHECK!!!
Happy February Hearts to you my dear...

Unknown said...

Nice job. :D Are you enjoying working with the books?