Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art Journaling one WOW

I've been following Roni Johnson over on her blog Ink Stains for a while now. My primary interest is fabric with altering books secondary. I'm hoping to combine the two.

Roni has started a series that combines journaling with a different technique for the various pages. I am a bit stalled in my own journey so I'd like to lace up my running shoes and continue the run. Her journey is about Discovery and I want to discover a whole range of techniques.

I do have an altered book that I want to use. I have been collecting all kinds of things that intrigue me with their possible uses. I found Roni's book at Michael's and I figure that will really give me no excuse. So this is a mission to discover all about myself as well as what the heck I've bought!

The first technique is The Faux Rubbing Technique. I've dug out some rubbing plates.

First the basic with paper from the book. Hmm, I need an old white candle??? a white crayon? Then I did a wash of fluid acrylics. This I like.

Second is the challenge of discovering from Roni's blog. But this is with a twist so I need embossing powder and ink- If all else fails, read the instructions!

The suggestion is to use the raised surface as the etching. I could have done a better job, me thinks. The Glimmer Mist I sprayed with didn't really reveal much.

Then last night I decided to turn the pink page in the journal into my geranium challenge.

I practiced a bit on the scrap papers. I used a quilting stencil, a foam stencil, various pens, and crayons; some water soluble, some not. I oversprayed with some glimmer mist and glued down the doily. I'm not sure I'm even finished. Oh, I'm supposed to write something. Cool!

I have to say altered books for me so far has been all about making some backgrounds. This is my first altered page. WOW!!! I get it. Too much fun. I want MORE!!!

I'm going to be sorting thru my drawers to find all my stuff and get it slapped down on all those backgrounds. Just looking for a stencil uncovered some very neat STUFF! Gesso and washes of colour are only a very small tip of the iceburg and now I see it is the boring part. lol

So third will be to try this on fabric. But that'll have to wait for next week.

6 comments: said...

Oh I've been looking at altered collage art and I'm so intrigued! Wow, good for you and thank you so much for sharing all this. You always have great process photos.

Thanks for linking to

: )
~Monika in Saskatoon

Dandelion and Daisy said...

What great beginnings! I think glueing pages together is the most boring part....gesso is second! Altered books are just too much fun, I love to play!

Twisted Quilts said...

I enjoy reading about your journey. I am not familiar with altered books/pages. I will do a little e-research and figure it out.

Sheila said...

Interesting concept that I am not familiar with ,looks like fun!

Leanne said...

Looks like you are have fun, the geranium is lovely!

Createology said...

Great progress Elle. You have really gotten into this altering and it looks like a ton of fun. Love your bright cheery geranium. Happy altering dear...