Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here a little, there a little

I really am managing to stay focused and do some of the daily chores as well.

The veranda focus has kept me from painting every darn thing I can think of. So I hauled the stuff I'd forgotten that goes with the veranda over to the designated paint area for phase 2. okay, plus 2 or 3 possible veranda candidates! I sanded the benches and washed them down. The neighbour caught me looking my worst but...

Then I tackled the porch floor and almost got myself in a corner. I even felt this paint went on better. Maybe because of the previous coats? YES! The rust flows better into the house with its fir flooring. And not to mention the rug I bought for the veranda!

This is an early morning shot through the screen window.

I worked through lunch and got going on all the rest. Out of sight is the orange cupboard for the upstairs hall and it is there because I have a spray can for it. (another goal is to reduce the paint supply) It might need some sanding and another can of spray. (one can gone, one can coming) :O

I ran out of the paint I wanted on the benches. Why don't I do the most visible parts first??? But this could be a serendipity. They were planks my Rooster made into benches 35 years ago. I relegated them to outside about 20 years ago and at some point stained them a green and a blue. The grandson practiced on one with cobalt blue and lime green paint this summer. So some of that colour remained after sanding.

I think I can get these to look vintage like that old trunk. The sun is going to be hot tomorrow and I'll try to wax them. This is definitely a 'what if...' project!

Then I hit the shower. No sign of my rooster.

I arrived late for our group's meeting. Everyone was quite busy working on a spiral table runner. Good thing I'd decided NOT to add a project to my list. They had already got their instructions and the next step was Greek to me. But I bet they turn out wonderfully. But I was hungry and tired so I went to see if my Rooster had returned to the roost.

All the while I have 2 challenges on my mind. This journal page needs to develop a Geranium theme. And then I need to do 'something for the birds'.

This morning I do my last stint at the thrift shop. Surely there can't be much more for me to find and bring home!!!


Vicki W said...

You are a busy chicken! I love your painted furniture.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have been trying to catch up on your latest posts. I like how you kept us updated when you were all in the city, when you went to your fabric group, and when you painted the once gray porch. It's too bad about the plants, and I hope you get the step issue corrected soon. And good for you sticking with your guns and painting the porch the darker color. Love the veranda furniture, though. And using up your excess paint is always fun and oh so satisfying.

Createology said...

Your bluish benches are my favorites! The porch floor looks so much livier than with the gray. You really are staying focused and getting projects completed. Congratulations Miss Hard Working...

HollyM said...

All your painting tires me out!
I am intrigued by you journal page.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Love the journal quilt you're asking 'what if' about! It's beautiful. Nice paint job too, there, Ms. Mother Hen! XO