Monday, October 31, 2011

Favourite treat

Pumpkin pie is my favourite and while mellow yellow is my favourite, orange is starting to lean on that choice.  But then orange is right next to yellow on the colour wheel so that would make them kissing pumpkins!  

Green, the chartreuse shade, is fast becoming my favourite 'neutral'.  Again, another close relationship on the other side of yellow.   

And the crisp air of autumn and the hint of wood smoke.   Now there is  a real treat!

The bunny in the cabbage is the latest thrift shop find and I'm out looking for the perfect thread.  Not a lot of choices locally so I may need to treat myself to some on-line shopping.

It would be a real treat if this gorgeous weather would hold for a wee bit longer and them I'll be quite happy to curl up with a cup of the hot stuff.  In my case that isn't hot chocolate but  coffee.  A warm pumpkin slice, a dab of whipping cream and a few sips of hot black coffee is all the treat I need!


Createology said...

Happy Treating yourself my dear. Your colors are wonderful. Lovel the orange threads...I never had orange until just last year. Now orange is really looking better and better to me. Happy Haunting...yummy to your pumpkin pie.

Twisted Quilts said...

Sounds so good. I love orange and currently I am having a love affair with teal. Teal can also be used as a neutral.