Monday, October 17, 2011

Stepping up

Stepping up on the calendar is November. Definitely I'll be expecting the white stuff. Is it okay to say, hooray? I'm looking forward to a slower pace as the light decreases and the time softens.

I was hoping to wash windows Saturday but I was the Rooster's 'gofer'. We used the flashlight to finish up the very last turns on the 3 short beams that will transfer the shifting veranda's weight to new supports. But we made it and they are in place. Next will come a creative solution to disguising the ends. I can hardly wait to see what we can come up with! :(

With fall fleeing rapidly I need to do a yard clean up and put all my garden accessories away so my little bunny will have to step down as well.

My son in law has chosen 2 of my finished quilt tops to give as presents when he visits his family and friends. This'll be great for crossing off projects on my list but I've not stepped up to the plate quickly enough and the deadline is fast approaching. So yesterday I began in earnest.

This photo is taken from the stair landing.

The top on the wall was a BOM at 3 Creative Studios. I can give it up because I still have some fabric and can try again. It was quite fun to do and only needed a backing. I had just enough fabric for the backing and to make sure it fit I tried layering it on my design wall. I was thrilled. This may become my preferred method for basting quilts.

The top folded wrong side out on the floor was made from a collection of Bali's, sunflowers and roosters. It possibly confirmed my luv for and fascination with the colour orange. I also really like this top but I do have some leftovers in a smaller quilt top. I did have the backing all ready to go and I'll be basting it at quilt club tonight.

Now I need to step into the car and cross off a whole lot of errands!

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Coisas da Laura said...

I love your quilts.And about the weather,I am waiting for the summer to arrive!