Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The B word

Yesterday's errands had me kinda frustrated with a lot of the traffic and construction in the city. But a 'mid course correction' made me stop and grab my camera. I AM supposed to be taking more photos. Winnipeg has some very lovely tree lined streets. The trees are fighting disease and environmental hazards but a view from the higher buildings shows lots of lovely green spaces. The canopy on this street said, Whoa, stop and sniff the crisp fall air! Breathe deeply and relax!

I was particularly searching for specialty threads and art supplies. Some for me and some for the grandkiddies! Didn't do well on finding thread but I did see another possible store on my way out for next time. I need to save up more money for paint sticks and I see they also carry the new pan pastels.

I joined the homeward hustle, picked up my stuff for the Monday quilt group and hustled right off to our bee. Lots of show and tell from the spirals class and the bird challenge. I forgot my bird challenge at home and totally forgot about using my camera. We basted one of my quilts and a couple of others.

This morning I found a dusting of the white stuff. BRRR

So for a good warm up I got the next quilt ready for basting.

I had friends for lunch and while I stirred the soup, they basted! It was a good trade.

I showed them the leftovers from the French Chicken quilt but with more blues. It is smaller and I should do it at the same time as it will use similar threads.

And that brings us up to date and ready for Wednesday's reveal


Coisas da Laura said...

Loved the place where you live!!! And how I wish I had friends who knew what basting is..lol
Btw,my mom is kind of depressed,post traumatic trauma is what the doc calls it.I am sure she will be fine soon.Thanks for asking about her .

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Awesome possum!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

What a gorgeos quilt, the friends are pretty cool too!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lovely quilt and super friends to baste for you. You are truly blessed. And that white stuff looks too soon to be true.