Saturday, November 19, 2011

One more woe!

We began with the back porch.  I think it is called cantaloupe!  We are just so thrilled with how it is looking.  My friend painted while I did the TSP on the kitchen cupboards. The finish in the porch is a stucco and we needed a second gallon to finish.  We were running out of daylight so I began to help with the edging.

Oh dear! I'm not sure what happened to the drop cloth but I pulled back the carpet to dab at that bottom edge and tipped over the 3/4's full paint can!  Double drat!  :(  So she is back painting on her own and laughing lots!  I am rolling up 4' by 10' brown shag carpet and grunting lots to get it into the bath tub.  What a soggy mess!  And heavy! Thank goodness for a hand held shower fixture.  The rug finally quit releasing cantaloupe and it is slowly releasing water. It is not quite as shaggy and the rolling pin needs some drying time as well! Dear Daughter may wonder why we turn down her next pie!  lol   We'll check on everything tomorrow.  So much for me helping to save some time!  Maybe we need to reconsider handing out business cards for our new career!  

Talk about the Perils of Pauline, we have the Emergencies of Big E and Little e
Lots of snow going home.  Winter is here for sure.


Verna G said...

Love the color! Is this your daughters house?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This sounds EXACTLY like something I would do. Only mine is wall to wall carpet and would NOT fit in my bath tub! At least you were able to salvage yours. Hope your winter isn't as bad as your summer.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I did that once....fortunatly, it was an old bedroom carpet that needed replacing. It did hasten the purchase of new carpet. Nice cheery color to greet you on a cold winter's day, I like it!

Createology said...

Well you certainly do know how to make a party! Cantaloup Soup in the bathtub...sounds like a college dorm party without the booze. Great color for the porch. Woes be gone! Warm Hugs and some cocoa for you with all that snow outside.