Friday, November 18, 2011

Whoa Week

Well, the week is winding down.  I'll be catching my breath a wee bit and then winding back up for next week.

The mqing on the last rooster quilt is a good part done.  It is one of those quilts that requires 'one' more line but I do like it.  I've paused for an evaluation of the border.  I can do more straight lines, a diagonal cross hatch, or I can free motion around the roosters and some of the flowers.  I'm wondering.

I got a wonderful package from Roni, over at Ink Stains with Roni.  She sent a tin she had made over and it was full goodies.  Roni has written  Teach Yourself Visually Collage and Altered Art.  I never put it away.  Then to be even more helpful she does wonderful tutorials on her blog.

I hauled various and sundry things over to the kid's house and tried various things.  Some worked and some didn't so I hauled them back but I'm quite encouraged by how it is coming together.  The 'piece de resistance' would be a bookcase which I'm not seeing at the thrift shop but I do see two in the Canuck Truck store flyer. (That is Canadian Tire for non residents)  So it is back today to check out the flyer and finalize paint choices.  When my Rooster arrived he looked around and asked if I wanted a doll house!!!  Too funny.  It was my favourite toy as a child.

There was one more woe to finish off my 'Woe is me!' week.   The hose that takes grey water away from the house froze and the water backed up all over my laundry area.  awk!  I am usually on guard for things like that but it is still a bit of a mess.

I think we now have the chicken coop secure so if Manni doesn't actually get the critter, he'll have to leave because the grocery store is closed for business!

Now I have to whoa all the playing and gear up for next week when the work begins.


MarveLes Art Studios said...

Blue and yellow quilt is sweet! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, and I hope it gets better! Love the table/bookcase look, too. XO

HollyM said...

I had a woe is me kind of week too! There's nothing much worse than a water mess though.
I'm assuming the kid's house you're decorating is a guest house?

Createology said...

Elle I am so happy for you to receive this gorgeous altered tin from Roni. Isn't she amazing?!! Your quilt is really fabulous. Great news about Manni and the coop. Good to hear your house re-do is coming along. Enjoy your weekend dear...