Monday, March 19, 2012

Springing into action

I shall be moving 3 times as fast. Shoot, make that 3x3 faster.  Whoo Hoo!  I just need Out Look Express to convert to Broad Band and I lost some time this morning fixing what I fixed.  LOL

As I look about the yard and see so much bare ground I am sure I am also seeing Dandelions, stretching, and pushing at their bed covers.  Shh, was that a yawn???  I'm not sure I'm ready to add yard work and all the plans for outside work to an already busy schedule, but the calender says spring officially arrives on Tuesday, the 20th.  gulp!  This photo was a few days ago.  It is all bare as of Saturday.

The grand kiddies are all ready:

Some of us have bigger plans than the others!

There actually isn't much water at all so the two duckies are very happy to find a small ditch that still holds the spring melt.

This week my focus is the Sunshine Room.  A good friend is coming for a visit and with son #3 occupying the spare room I need to have the alternative up, functional and pretty.  This will involve getting the closet door back on, the pictures hung, mattresses laid down and sheets made. I think quilting the 2 quilt tops may be beyond reasonable.  lol

Son in law and the grand kiddies got the new doors on the old cupboard.  The Rooster will do all the picture  and door hanging.  First I have to find what safe place I put the hinges!!!  :(

Beading this week is with polymer clay.  I'm appreciating all the comments and suggestions as we prepare
for our key chain.

I'm not sure if any sewing or messing with paper and glue will happen as it is time for a good clean and some spring decor throughout the whole house.

No race horses this week, just a fast moving vacuum!


HollyM said...

Spring does bring all tat extra work doesn't it? I just finished some of mine.
I love the combination of fabrics you have there.

Mary Ann Tate said...

If your yard is anything like mine then it's mushy wet and spongy. No serious digging to be considered yet:) We did a bit of pruning though as it was a lovely day.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Sounds like a great plan for MARCH day! It's seriously... too early to even THINK of digging! LOTS (and LOTS) of pouring-down-wet-as-a-duck SNOW today here in Montana!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW!! Fast internet. If only! Glad for you, too. I can't believe how busy you stay. It's so fun to read your weekend post and events you have planned. I know you will catch up soon.

Twisted Quilts said...

I can't decide whether to work outside or inside. Our weather is beautiful. Congratulations on the fast internet. And what fun to have a visitor, even if you have to clean up a bit. Precious pictures of the grandkids!

Createology said...

Fortunately our snow is still plentiful and I have NO plans to work outside in the cold and damp. I am cold enough here inside the house. We keep our heat pretty low. With all you are getting done your Friday Finish will be massive. Good job dear...Happy key chain beading.