Friday, May 4, 2012

So, just who is this chick???

Chickens in a flock are somewhat hard to distinguish from one another.  This would be true of me.  I'm not particularly noteworthy but then a good keeper of the flock begins to know the individuals.  I would be the noisy, excitable one who is all about rearranging the straw in the nest and trying to landscape the chicken yard.  I'd be doing this at inappropriate times and with considerable dust and squawks!  But there is a pecking order in a flock and I'm learning to find my place and be productive.  I've lost a few feathers in the process but I'm a wiser hen who has learned that some things can't be rushed and brooding is not something to be disparaged.  The chicken/egg cycle just can't be rushed.

My creative endeavours took place in my home. I so badly needed to express myself.  Quilts covered beds, draped over the arms of chairs, hung on walls,  marked place settings on tables and even complimented the wardrobe.  I began traditionally and eventually learned that I am not traditional.  But I didn't understand that creative expression needs time to evolve and be perfected.  I wanted instant results.  Today, this ol' biddy, has begun to learn to enjoy the process and then the project will reflect that joy. 

My journey:

A dear friend introduced me to quilting with the scissor and template method.  This actually shows how badly I wanted to do this as I have rather a short attention span.  I over estimated the number of pieces and made rail fences for the crib, the 2 bunks, a queen for my sister, various pillows, etc. until I finally gave away the rest.  My math is terrible, The actual sewing was reasonably accurate but the quilts were a stretchy assortment of poly cottons and cotton.  Utility would be the way I'd describe them.

The Irish Chain introduced me to the modern tools of rotary cutters, rulers and mats.  This was better.

Our quilt group, Country Roads Quilters, was small and we tackled all kinds of things, some good, some not so good but we learned lots because for the most part we had no idea what we were getting into.  lol For this wall hanging we designed house blocks to represent our home and then made them in the colours each of us chose to work in.  This was my neutral period!

I began to identify what I liked. 

I prefer quilts without the traditional borders around them.  I wish I'd not lined up with my fellow quilters to buy yards and yards of lovely florals.  It was wonderfully freeing to donate a huge amount of it to charity recently.  I just kept the more whimsical and stylized designs. Backings, you know!

                                                            I had a country period.

                                                   I passed through a folk art period.
                                                                Even a crazy period!


A Thirties period

A 'let's get them married' period.

                                                      A 'what if I did what I want' period.

                                                          Also a 'go with the flow' period.

                                                            I've made all sizes of quilts. 

When I began learning about quilts I thought their history was fascinating and I wanted to make examples of every kind.  I quickly realized that full size was impractical so I embraced miniature.  I then realized there was not enough time in my time line!  lol

Then I thought I'd make a quilt to give away and keep one for myself but on a smaller scale.  When our first son married I made a queen size from a wall hanging picture. Then I made the wall hanging for myself. 

I became part of a collaboration with some gals out west.  They sent me their leftovers and I had such a good time making this.  It is called Turn Right at the Leftovers.  It made me begin to think about art quilts.

                                                 If its art, where do you put it?

I do have a goodly variety of quilts and I haven't even brought out the 3 sets of applique blocks that need finishing and to be set in a top.  I do like hand applique but they are pretty traditional and so not me anymore.  I have learned my lesson about finishing projects before I lose interest in them and find something much more exciting to start!    I also think that my days of full sized quilts is about over and I'll be sticking to lap size. 

                               Fibre will always be my first luv but I want to try so many other things. 

If all the various parts of a chicken's meal were set out individually, the chicken has the amazing ability to take the best balanced ration they can.  How smart is that?  I need to learn how to balance everything that I want to do.  It has dawned on me that I can NOT do it all, at least not well.  Now I just have to figure out what I want to do most and the best way to do it.

Chickens are raised for various reasons, egg layers, meat production or exotics.  I'm too old for egg production.  I'm more a soup bird than the fried chicken variety.  I figure that only leaves: cute!  I'm going to be going for old age as the cutest chick I can be!

Now The Needle and Thread Network  is a site for Canadian Blogs to link up and show their stuff.  There are regular WIP Wednesday posts and bi weekly Featured Friday Artists.  It is a pretty big thrill to be featured this week.  If you'd like a quick history of where I came from, where I am, and where I'm going please check here or by clicking directly on the Canadian flag feature button.   I quite enjoy seeing various parts of Canada and what my fellow Canadian artists are making.  I hope you'll enjoy it as well.  Thanks for visiting!


Vicki W said...

What a fun post. It's cool to see your journey.

Createology said...

Elle dear you are one very clever, witty, fun and wise chick! I have read this post and visited your feature also. What a wonderful insight into you and your artful journey. I am so grateful to call you friend from our blogging adventures. Keep learning and experiencing and fine-tuning exactly what makes you the happiest. Your new barn space will be fantastic! Blessings...

Sheila said...

You always put a smile on my face , I love reading your posts and your work is lovely and varied ,keep up the fantastic work . hugs Sheila

What Comes Next? said...

thoroughly enjoyed this post elle! You are so clever in oh so many ways! So much fun to get to know a little bit more about you. said...

That was a terrific flash down your quilting memory lane!! :)

Thanks so much Elle!

Katie said...

So nice to learn more about you and see part of your creative journey. Thanks for inviting us in!

HollyM said...

I definitely favor your 'do what you want' and get creative quilts! It's fun to see your progression as a quilter/artist and the pictures of your house and garden.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Loved this post Elle. You are one smart chick:)

Leanne said...

Thank you for sharing so much here and at the Needle and Thread Network post. I love your writing, your quilts and your journey. That barn looks like a great place for dying and whatnot, I hope you have a wonderful summer playing with colour.

Chez Roo said...

I really enjoyed your profile on TN&TN, and enjoyed this too! I love that you have experience in so many different quilting traditions, and your current quilts are beautiful.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I went from hating to sew because patterns and cutting were the only things I knew, to tearing and never measuring. It was SO freeing to make fabric art that way. I have enjoyed watching your progress, but of course, I see so many quilts, all of them still quite precise and beautiful. You can be quite proud of all you have contributed to the fiber arts community.

BTW, I LOVE your landscaping!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous textiles, Ele, as always!!

Nita said...

Oh, I really like you! 😀