Saturday, June 9, 2012

Company's coming!

My oldest daughter, Laura, is coming and these kinds of deadlines are really great for getting some things finally done.  Last year  I had bought 3 frames for the summer decor in the front entrance hall.  I wanted faeries!  I found some decoupage images at Michaels and I bought a sheet of shiny aqua background.

I am so pleased and they took no time at all.

I cut the image out and just glued it lightly in a few spots on the background.   It doesn't bother me that the mat should be smaller although I can certainly change that later.

Sorry for the glare.  I didn't actually think about documenting this at first.  But they are so cute.  One is a boy faerie.  I have one faerie left over as the sheets came with 2 per sheet.  They are embossed  and quite detailed.

I'm not sure how my time will be next week so I wanted to get a quick post in.  I have also been  working on my journal and backgrounds.  That is so much fun.  The cleaning is also going well because it is much easier to sort stuff when I know the colour of the room and the style/theme where it should go.  So I'm not keeping stuff just because I like it and what if...  It is going if it won't work!  I  can't quite explain how freeing that is.  I figured out that my creativity will find lots of expression in my journals so I can narrow down my options for home decor and simplify the tweaking so it is a day and not a whole week when I feel the need for a change.  I now need that extra time to make art!    I'll post on Friday some of my summer decor.

The faeries have arrived and the daughter will be here in 24 hours! 

Have a super Saturday and Sunday!


MarveLes Art Studios said...

I read the first line,and all I could think "oh, I wish it was me coming as your company!" It's always fun to decopauge; love it! These are quite charming, Elle. Enjoy your daughter!!!

HollyM said...

Your so right! It's funny how those tiny things don't get done for ages until we get the right impetuous and then it seems so easy. How beautiful they are!
Nice that you're having a visit. Enjoy!

Cheryl Coville said...

Love the faeries, Elle! And I've been hard at work on the background pages you've inspired me to try.

Createology said...

Your framed fairies are lovely. The entire vignette is beautiful. I know you are enjoying your family. Another AHA for you dear...