Monday, August 27, 2012

Embellishing the edges

Mondays are devoted to on line classes and tutorials.  The next altered book class is about embellishing edges.  I had wondered about waxed thread but apparently it isn't stiff enough for edges so I bought some fine (I hope) wire that includes colour options!

The bigger leaves aren't quite closed so the wire slips off.  I can do some pinching or find some coarser wire.      But first I need to reinforce an edge and then paint it with some black gesso.  

While I wait for the glue and paint to dry on the book I got caught up on the calendar pages.  These are evolving as I practice and fine tune the layouts.  Let's face it.  Two pages for 7 days is over-kill!  My life isn't that exciting.  I'm not sure I want to change the whole concept now so I shall just make some small changes.

I like the tag idea and pockets are such fun and can hold all the bits of things I collect in my pocket through the week.  This was a great week.  I got 3 big things crossed off the list. 
 note to self:  go back and put big red ticks by the the three dates of accomplishments!

I need to get at least one photo of the week.  I'm learning how to print these and experimenting with size.  Even though the printer needs coloured ink I will stick with the black and white images.
I am also getting the sense that less is more so I'll be making my pages simpler.   Yay for pockets!

I won't start the colour class as I need to get those story bags stitched up and the grass cut.

The days are flowing by and it is up to the individual to add a bit of embellishment to the day!


HollyM said...

Your pages are looking great! I like the idea of beaded edges. It'll be reall y pretty. I just dinged up for a course too. I'm just waiting for the Silk paints to arrive.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Can't wait to see your embelished edge. I think it is a great idea. I like books that have "stuff" that comes off the edge of the page, it makes them look full of interesting things that you want to see.

Margaret Applin said...

I'm liking both the bright and busy backgrounds as well as the soft and simple ones. They are looking great!!!

Leanne said...

The pockets are a great idea, I am trying to imagine what you will do with those lovely beads and wires. I hope you will show it off when you are done.

Createology said...

This is very exciting to see your journal calendar pages. They are each beautiful and as unique as the days of our lives. Pockets are a great idea to hold the ephemera we collect. I look forward to seeing your embellished edges. Good for getting caught up my dear...