Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Coop and Saucer Playroom/Studio

My sewing space has had a place in probably every room of the house.

As the kids left the space became a room.

I realized it could even be in the biggest bedroom since the Rooster didn't care where  he slept as long as he had a window to survey his kingdom and give the wake up call to all under his wings!

So here is what the first 11' x 12' sewing space looked like.  The worst thing about this room is the west facing window.

I would soon bediscovering that ALL that bulletin board stimulation is not good for me.  I had no grand kiddies so I amused myself with a couple of dolls.  

I was in full sewing mode.  I had also just become somewhat computer savvy.

I'd never had a sewing cabinet but realized I needed to get my machine down flat for machine quilting.  These cabinets are not cheap because the lift is so expensive.  I didn't realize I'd never really use the lift. Nor did I know about standing to sew.  There are also a lot of corners to bump my hips on!

Then I got a better idea.  I was trying to reduce visual stimulation.  I now had two machines on the go. 

I was trying to get more efficient and reduce clutter so I tried cutting on the counter and confined the computer to a small desk.  I don't know where the heck I put the cutting table in this makeover but I needed it back.  The ol' sore back, ya know! .

So I put that folding cutting table at the end of the sewing cabinet and stored the spare machine which I used for my student on it.  It was handy for the odd thing and then I discovered that I really liked standing. I was using it for all my piecing of quilt blocks.  I was also beginning to discover mixed media art.

Then I got a bigger heavier sewing machine, my Nina.  We got some good deals at an auction. A wee trim on the legs and Nina had a solid base.  The old sewing cabinet became the computer desk.

One more modification to the old IKEA media cabinet and I figured this was as good as it gets.

But things are pretty cramped.  My poor hips! There are only 2 plugs in this room. I have extension cords threaded around and through and taped on the floor. And really, I must admit that having the computer in the room is a great distraction so...

 Here I go again!

I'm trying to do it properly.  So I hung hooks for aprons and work shirts on the main door which will mostly stay open.  The old office cabinet will hold stuff for Creativity 101 and I'm thinking to paint it aqua.  The closet door got the bulletin board hung.The closet also has the darn ironing board that never seems to fit anywhere!  It also has my old school cupboard for my whites, beiges, browns and blacks as well as some books.  Under the low knee wall is the cupboard that has the canvas cubes holding scraps which are easy to haul out to the light.

The ironing station.  This was another piece we got at that great auction.  It holds large stencils and large sheets of  paper.  I wanted a shelf for the supplies and I thought if I can run a sewing machine and slice accurately with a rotary cutter I should be able to run the Rooster's chop saw.  Heart pounding, I finally got it going and ... easy peasey.  In fact I went out again and cut a back board for the desk that butts up to the cutting table.  whoo hoo!

But I think I will leave the table that will go behind Nina to the Rooster. lol  I am sew excited about this corner and can't wait to get back to more quilting.

I want to make new white curtains for the storage shelves.  It will be a design area. By putting the computer in the hallway I will loose my design wall so I must rethink that and the best I can come up with is two big hooks in the ceiling in front of the mixed media counter that I can suspend my big wooden dowel and flannelet sheet  from. I'll roll it up in between projects.   I figure when I'm doing a big quilt I won't be doing too much at that counter.  It should also save me all those steps from sewing machine to out in the hall and back again!

I want the Rooster to make another box for the top of the last unit.  I'm also thinking that possibly a peg board on the wall might keep me entertained if I get the urge to rearrange anything any time soon.  :(

Interestingly,  I noticed that I have come full circle.  This is pretty similar to how I originally had the room.  I must learn to trust my instincts a little more.

So I'm thrilled but not quite done. I have to edit the books, shuffle the contents of the drawers around a bit and find creative places for the leftovers that are stacked in the hallway!  That could possibly the workroom out in the barn.  I know one thing.  It isn't coming back in to clutter up the Coop and Saucer Playroom/Studio.

Any chicks wanna join me for a cuppa?  We can sit around and soak up all the ambiance!  VBSIGH


Katie said...

Your post just made me realize that one day, in the not too terribly distant future, my boys will grow up and move out and I can take over their rooms! *insert evil laugh here*

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, very impressive. Glad you are pleased with the space. I have seen at least two renovations now, and hope this will keep you busy for awhile (grin).

Leanne said...

It looks like you are getting nicely set up. If I am every headed your way I will stop by for a cuppa for sure.

Margaret Applin said...

OMG Elle!!! I should have hired you to help me move!!! Your studio is coming along quite nicely!!

Createology said...

What a great feeling to get your space set up just the way you want it...and to revise it when you feel the need. We are constantly evolving and therefore flexibility is key. Fabulous creative space for you to play my dear...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

In my ideal world we would have walls that are retractable and floors of concrete with drain holes in the middle for hosing down. Of course, we could never hose down our "santuaries"! You are so brave to take this rearranging will be wonderful when finished. FINISHED? what is that? It always feels good when our playrooms are clean and fresh.

Mary Ann Tate said...

My sewing space is in my youngest son's old bedroom:) Once they leave they are out of luck...hee hee. My biggest problem is not enough electrical outlets so I have an industrial power bar that my hubby gave me. Seeing you make all these changes makes me want to do some changing about too:)

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

the Coop and Saucer!? you are brilliant.
Gee - I wonder if I can swing by a visit next spring. : )))