Monday, August 13, 2012

Tucking into Monday

I decided Mondays will be a good day for my on line classes.  I did read the first lesson on Colorlove 101 but then remembered my Altered Book tutorials and my calendar journal.   So...

No colorlove just yet! lol

But I can combine the other two.  Pockets were the last tutorial I did and I think they will be a great addition to the journal.  My memory is toast so I need to find a better way to remember what is memorable.  Tags!  And tucking them into pockets works for me!

I can't believe I 'lost' 2 weeks in July.  I got Jolina's birth day but there will be some vague picture images happening.  sheesh  This is the back of June and the title page for July

I was running out of time so I'll need to fill these in better.  This is where the memory lapse stated. lol

I need to have a better idea of what the week's layout will be to incorporate room for the best event of the week.  Hopefully the 14th was a loss of memory day!  I'm learning the value of outlining with a black pen. Then the numbers will show up better.

I need to do some creative inserting as I missed a whole week in placing the pages.  :(  This is a real bummer when two coordinating pages have to be separated.  A valuable lesson to learn is that mistakes can be fixed very creatively!
I felt that I finished kinda messy and weak..  :((  I do think I will have another look at these two as I head into this next month.

But I have been doing better in August.  The left is the last few days of July and I started right in with August 1st.  The pocket is deli paper!  But I should try to get some more brown on this page as...

August needs a cooler palette.   I'm starting to get a better, more groovy flow.

I want to do more sewn pockets and that takes a bit more planning.  The next lesson for the Altered books was zippers and I'm resisting as they aren't turning my crank. But doors and windows is going to be good.  I have one or two already in my Leaves book and the lesson has some more cool ideas.

I also like the 2 page journal spread in the sorta watercolour sketchbook and try for one or two times a week.  Radiant Rain is pretty cool!

I'm still juggling all my various projects.  The barn/workroom is very physical so I do that on alternate days.  I'm still tweaking my mixed media drawers so they are handy.  The pegboard needs painting and the melamine needs cutting and legs figured out so I can get sewing.  I do feel we are making progress and the to-do list is getting tattered as it goes in and out of the pocket for checking and crossing off.  Four more pavers for the walk and then the fence posts.


HollyM said...

I like all the spreads. You are getting lots done despite your lapse. The last three spreads are my favorites, especially August and the journal spread.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You're using my colors and I'm loving it! We seem to have a similar "springy" taste in colors. You are getting so good! If you use some teeny tiny handwriting you'll be able to fill in all of your know the drill, there are no mistakes in art, just creative opportunities. Personally, I give myself a LOT of opportunities.

Jo Vandermey said...

I can't believe how much you have got done this summer. Usually I get quite abit of sewing done on vacation but not this year. And not much art work at all.
I do love the spreads you have done - especially August.
As for renovating and reorganizing it is great in the end but the process can be stressful and more work then you can imagine.
Juggling 3 classes is alot to do at one time.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Lovely work are really becoming a pro at this journalling (sp?).

Createology said...

Elle you are very organized to at least have a list to check all your things off of. Great journal pages. I can relate to not being able to keep up with everything on a daily basis...I am even a day late to read my favorite blogs. :o}
Keep going my friend...I see so much fabulous progress you have done.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how far behind I am in visiting. This week has been a blur and one that hasn't been on the computer. I understand how you can get behind if you have a full schedule. My computer is acting funny, so it takes me forever to get onto any blog now. Your journal pages are fantastic. I really like the looks of the cooler palette, but it hasn't helped me much that I used blue for August. Can't wait to see your window pages.

BJ said...

Loving all the tags and the inventive ways you have found to make the pockets especially using the paterned paper and cutting round the pattern. Super pages all round. BJ

paulaexuk said...

Beautiful pages all of them and great pockets with tags. I particularly like the see through velum one.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your pages are so colorful and I like all the variety of pockets you have made!

Dawn said...

Oooh Elle, I love all your pocket pages, brilliant colour choices and lots of freedom expressed throughout. I particularly love the vibrant flowers you've used, lol I am a colour magpie methinks!!
Big hugs x x x x