Friday, August 17, 2012

The Enemy

I am probably my own worst enemy but I figure the bad guy shoving me is Time!

I've been working on my windows for the Altered Book class and I have not chosen a large enough book so it has been challenging to find spots to fit in windows, never mind a door!  I had made one window already but a visit to my friend who has a stationary store made me the recipient of some great leaf glassine paper that I just had to put in.  I will be ready for the reveal on Monday.

Of course, I also tried something extra. Perfect Pearls on a black gesso page. I'll try for a better photo but this made me think spring as that is the section I'm also putting the green paper shown in the top photo.  I need a good 'springing to life from the darkness' quote!

Then while I was searching through supplies I decided to try some artist's tape- drafting tape which resists paint and comes off after. Pretty cool.

Then I did another spread and went to bed.  But I knew it wasn't quite done.

So instead of making up for the time I lost sleeping in ...

I made it mine! 
Now this sketch book is all about trying things I see as I do my blog roll.
My friend, Les, at MarveLes Art Studios is doing some great stuff, as are Holly at Through My Window, and Jan, at Dandelion and Daisy.   I have two pages with post it notes for a couple of ideas to try.  Comparing outlining in black and white, and then I want to do a page with cutting text from a book page perhaps giving my gouache and new watercolours a try.  I briefly considered a screen print from Margi, at Scrap Wisdom Collage, but an alarm bell went off and I realized time was up, again!

I need some more time!  Some enemy is stealing it!


MarveLes Art Studios said...

Gosh... I am so with you - that four-letter word of T-i-m-e! But you have some exciting results... and ain't it fun girl?~~Make it YOURS.

Createology said...

Time does seem rather elusive at "times". Your pages are all fabulous. I like your idea of using post it notes to remind you of great techniques waiting to be tried. My Friday is disappearing all too fast and I have lots to get done yet. Wonderful Weekend Dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I agree that time is the true enemy if we want to accomplish anything. That and the computer!! I spend way too much time on this thing, and it gets slower by the day. I wish I could give you more time, but it seems that time is up!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Ooops, time has gotten away from me and I haven't read anyone's blogs for a couple days. Thank you for the blog mention, I think the best thing about blogging, and the time spent on it, is the fact we can cheer each other on and be inspired by what others are doing. We are lucky, that way! But, I do hate that time keeps going faster and faster.