Friday, August 24, 2012

The Nest, Summer 2012

Some changes for the Nest.

New windows for the upstairs are the beginning of some changes to this nesting place.  They will be white so all the inside trim will be painted.  I need to decide once and for all and forever on which particular white I want for my trim.

There are piles of choices!  :(

At one time I spent all my time thinking about home decorating.  But life, at least my life, is constantly evolving.  I think I started out slow and it took me a long time to learn how to decorate.  Maybe the shoe-string budget slowed me down a bit!  lol  And then there were always new fads to figure out.
But I have gone through a lot of different phases and I have also grown up (evolved might be a better word) and discovered all kinds of creative things that I like to do.  I have also not got the energy nor the physical strength I used to have!  I am really hoping to settle on a great basic colour palette and a simple style that will only need me to carry a few accessories from room to room rather than beds, and chairs, and chests, etc. and leave things alone so I can play with lighter stuff like fabric and paper, ephemera and glues, paints and inks and a few beads and ribbons!   ;^)

A review shows that I am eclectic with modernist tendencies in a 30's style farmhouse.  The Rooster is TRADITIONAL but with Ukrainian tendencies and roosting in the same 30's style farmhouse.  So what is a chick to do?

Start with white trim and wood floors.  Both need redoing.  I wonder if he'd go for painted floors???  He says yes, but I'd be painting them so maybe not.  lol

I am just SO tired of all the wood.  I am consistently drawn to predominantly white rooms but also to colour.  They say that as we age the rods in our eyes which pick up colour kinda 'dumb down' and we need more to see it better which explains why some older ladies put on too much lipstick or 'rouge'!  :)

In looking back through my collection of paint chips I found this card.  It is a close match to the upstairs area rug which was a spontaneous purchase but I always like seeing it.

I am leaning to an aged creamy white for the old in the farmhouse. The sample above is BM oxford white. Then I have two favourite colours, mellow yellow and light aqua which is sometimes called robin egg blue.  I also like some kind of green to perk things up,  perhaps a mid tone chartreuse for some secondary colour.  I have always wanted a red (rose?) room and I'd add some pops of a purple for accents.  The new 'in' colour is grey and should be a major trend for ten years but I don't envision it unless it would be stainless appliances.

These are historic colour options and the style is definitely too traditional as far as decorating goes.

I don't like baby blue at all but the Rooster does and the rose and yellow flowers in the runner are perfect.  I lean to blue greens but chartreuse is also a Rooster colour and I am developing a great appreciation for it as an accent, especially with aqua.

This chart was picked up a couple of years ago. It is Suburban Modern, a 1950's palette.  I am from that era, raised in the suburbs, and liking the new modern trend in fabrics.  ???  !!!

So that's the plan.  Bird's often return to the same nest every year.  Weather means that maintenance is always an issue with them as well. But I think I will throw away all the rest of my paint chips,  focus on the action plan and get some feathers flying.  It is gonna be a colourful nest!


HollyM said...

Good idea to get rid of all the color combos except the one. I like the one tht goes with your rug. I agree the baby blue combo that thr rooster likes is a bit 'sweet' but adding in your colors will help.
I've had a hard time to be consistent as, like you, I'm on a budget. Bythetime I get what I want, it's old. I don't like my furniture but can only afford to change paint an assesories which I will do.

Margaret Applin said...

Luv, luv, luv the rug!!!! Design everything around that!!!!

Leanne said...

I so love all your wood, floors and trim, I would leave it be and paint the rest. Your colours all sound lovely.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

All my personal favorites, as far as, colors go. I love the look of painted white floors but, OMG, the reality seems like way too much work....sanding, painting, maintaining it. I'm looking for simple and easy care in my old age, LOL!!!

Verna G said...

Please don't paint your floors! Thet are beautiful. Maybe just refinish them and add some color around them!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like that top bedroom. It is gorgeous. GREY? Who in the world likes grey? It is one of those colors I don't even consider when I think color. Give me cobalt blue, but never, ever grey. I sure hope that trend doesn't last 10 years. I've never known any color to last THAT long, and be in style.

You will definitely be sorry if you paint your floors. The way you like to move furniture around, the paint won't last very long at all. You'll spend more time doing touch up repairs than you will enjoying your floor.

Createology said...

Elle I find that colors should be a personal preference and not some designated "pallet that is in". Harmony is always my favorite. Your rug is the perfect beginning to your colors. I love your warm wood floors and think they are perfect just the way they are. Farmhouse creamy white is excellent. Keep sharing your photos...