Friday, November 16, 2012

Forging ahead!

We had the strangest path in the snow.  It took a bit to figure it out but it is the mama duck who wades through the snow, forging a path that leaves behind a trough that is the imprint of her belly.  Her offspring, who has wild mallard in its genes has  low level flying skills.  lol  Anyway, mama is now contained and I'm sure her little duck feet are warmer.  :)

The weather has warmed quite a bit but the snow men shall remain!

I must be finally growing up.  I have come to terms with 'you can't have it all' and it will be what it is and not what I 'desperately want' it to be. :O  The decorating plan is coming together realistically and close to my dream.  I am actually checking my check list of criteria to stay focused!

I know what I want downstairs but actually have no theme fabric and the closest I come is this Mary Englebreit calender page.  It reminded me that the red I want is an accent and not a main colour.  I had gotten way too dark.  So recognizing and  working with the percentage or proportion of the colours and the values helps keep me true to the original idea.  I absolutely have to have the samples up for a while to study things, just like I do with my design wall for my fibre art.  It helps me see where I want my focal point and what my colour options are to make that happen.  It also gives the Rooster a chance to calm down and come around!  oh, OKAY!  Sometimes he is right! lol

I did stick to the general plan this week.  At least enough to get me headed in the right direction.

Altered Book is done.  I incorporated the tags into Tutorial Tuesday and even into my Creativity 101 class with my gal.  I will have catch up calender pages for Monday.

The sewing plan is decided and I really need a few more fabrics before I start the scrappy blocks and I'll get them on my errand day next week.

 But I also need to reduce the piles of stuff all over the upstairs and I'm happy to report I got one whole laundry basket of miscellaneous memorabilia done and mostly put away.  There is a bit more to do!  vbsigh All my ideas have been saved in those two drawers.  Once I had four drawers. Then two and now I'm not sure what to save and where to put it.  :(

The fun reward was trying something new.  :)  This is a daylight photo.

 It also showed me I need to sort my supplies a bit more efficiently.  I started by throwing away the packages.  gnash, gnash  What if I need to read instructions???  I could google, right?  lol    Full disclosure.  I have issues- look at those file drawers.  But the problem is that I don't understand my own filing system.  sheesh  It makes sense when I file it!  okay, something to tackle next week.

But I'm definitely forging ahead!


Createology said...

How exciting to be focusing in on your home projects with your color swatches. The Mary Englebreit theme colors are super fun. Organizing and filing is always a personal process. Mr. C and I are complete opposites so I hate it when he gets into the files and makes me redo them. Your snowman is very cute and he should stay out through Winter. Creative Hugs Dear...

Mary Ann Tate said...

I have to paint the kitchen. I don't want to.... I have too because it needs refreshing. Not my term...the husband's. So...the battle begins over what colour to paint it....LOL Maybe I should hang up samples like you have...strategically placed at eye level so they can't be missed:)

Dandelion and Daisy said...

So happy to hear someone else likes to keep stuff in it's original package! I'm laughing because I took my WC pencils out of their nice tin box and put them in a cup....but the box is too nice to throw away so it is in the closet. Really? Why? If I did need it, would I know where to find it? Ya' gotta love it.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Oh so cool! I love the snowman at the front door... can't wait to come visit and see it for REAL. Way to go Elle. Got some supplies I could borrow??!! LOL

HollyM said...

You're taking your time with the decorating so the final result should good. I know what you mean about growing up and learning to accept it as it is. We can't have all the latest furniture designs.
It feels good to get organized.
Look forward to see your sewing project!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that tree! It is gorgeous. I suggest you turn those bottles upside down that have no color showing on top (only black lids and a price tag). That way you can scan your colors and not have to remove the bottles/jars. Other than that, a great job.

Carolyn Dube said...

I love cleaning out the piles of stuff in my studio- not because I love doing it but because I am always so inspired when I am done! It is like my studio is all new. I love that tree- so playful!