Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm breathing deeply here as the winter rhythm has kicked in.  The frost is on the front door to the veranda but no heavy patterning yet! Freezing cold though.  Bright blue sky. The stove is featuring flickering flames as the Rooster and I take turns leaning into its heat!   I will be handing him some of his handy dandy bale wire to keep my snowman upright at the veranda door as apparently he has attacked my man a couple of times as he's made his pre dawn run in the mornings!  ;^(

Slow and steady has been the big purge.  I've been frowning at that big file cabinet.  I believe this is the week!  I'm maintaining my 'just get rid of stuff already' mood.  grrr!  lol

As I work through the plans for individual rooms I am focusing on the guest room this week.  I am in the closet and editing the amount of table cloths, doilies, and mismatched bedding. This room will become the grand kiddies sleep over room!  It'll store their extra clothes, toys and bedding.

I also want my design wall back up.  It is a large white flannel sheet on a six feet long wooden dowel.  I'd thought to suspend it from two hooks from the ceiling in my playroom but I'm questioning the wisdom of that. It will be a pain to roll up every time I want my work counter and it will block light if I angle it to the side.  Most importantly it will be in jeopardy every time I spray something for the mixed media play times.  :(

Mixed media is pretty much instant gratification as far as making art goes for me.  The fibre art and quilt aspect is a slower process.  But I need to get that momentum built into my schedule as I believe there is a place for both my luvs- fibre and paper.

The altered book is wrapping up this week so I am looking forward to my next on line class.

I had indulged in a few supply sprees this month so I had to sit on the side lines for all the sales this past weekend.  Next year I will have to remember Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  :O

I am also getting a hankering for some shortbread!  I might just get motivated to bake!


Createology said...

You are very focused my dear. De-cluttering is excellent and will make all your creative time better utilized. Easy for me to say as I am the worst pack-rat/hoarder. Your guest room will be well used with the Littles. Paper and fabric and favorites too. Warm cozy fire and some shortbread sound just right. Creative Bliss my friend...

HollyM said...

It was very cold and windy here today too. A good day to get creative.
I love your guest room, very pretty!
I like be able to mix my painting and my quilting.i do need both and sometimes combine them.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Lovely view; same here yesterday and today, but most of the snow is now gone. Cold though. Stay WARM, and I love that room with the bed! Keep purging... just sayin' - (me too!)

Margaret Applin said...

I saw my pillow!!!!! Keep warm and keep on creating!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your guest bedroom. It reminds me of mine and how I leave things on the bed for guests to enjoy. I also have a box. Mine is filled with shampoo, toothpaste, etc., in case one of my guests needs something.

I find mixed media takes me a LONG time to create. But so do fiber and fabric arts. I don't have any quick ways of doing things. Maybe I should learn from you.