Friday, November 30, 2012


It has been a quick week.  Feathers were flying!

I was definitely motivated on Monday.  I got all the extra stuff out of the guest room and I rounded up all the grand kiddies stuff and except for moving the bunk beds, I have a plan!  I got the dresser into the closet to hold clothes and toys.  I have toys to finish sorting and books to edit.  The wall paper border has been saved long enough and I even have enough to replace it when we paint.  The Rooster says we will move the bunk beds Saturday so I should have some photos next week.  Gee!  Either I'm seriously underestimating things or I'm getting slower.  There was a time I'd have had it all done in a day!    Truth be told, I did end up purging in my own closet as I had to do both closets at the same time to switch and arrange some stuff.  But...  another bag of clothes for the thrift shop.  :)

This kinda makes  a bit of a mess as I push extra stuff ahead of me in my whole house purge but it also makes me mad that I have so much stuff and helps me eliminate stuff that I might save if I could hide it right away.  Thank goodness for blog commitments because I just 'had' to post empty file drawers today and, pant, pant; they are empty.  I do have some files to further reduce and find a home for.  vbsigh  I slammed the drawers closed after the photo and phoned DD#2 to see if she wants it, the empty hanging files and all.   YES! It'll go on the truck with the other stuff we are taking that way tomorrow.  Phew!

Tuesday I did some final tweaking on the Altered Book.  I had been looking and looking for some skeleton leaves and found them just in time for the final pictures.  I also came up with some writing for all that blankness.  I will look forward to some handwriting lessons.  lol

The card making went even better than I had hoped.

I am still trying new things and learning how to stencil properly.  Julie over at Balzer Designs offers a free stencil class  that is showing me all kinds of things I didn't know. I've been working a bit on her art journal every day plan.  I think this is about the fourth day of doing something in ten minutes. I took the stencil class after I had tried the chevron on this set of pages.  Improvement will be coming!  Nothing like learning how to use the stuff you zealously bought 'for such a time as this'!  ;^)

Time in the city is frustrating.  I was moving right along on the housework front.  Then I had to change gears and try to stay in step with the urbanites.  I did get some canvas, some thread and a couple of inspiring magazines.  I was in Chapters sipping my coffee before sewing class and bopping along to some late 60's music.  "Don't tell me what to do and don't tell me what to say..."  Then this young woman in pack boots, leotards and a sweater sat down near by.  I watched her put heavy duty ear phones on, plug into her ipad, catch up on her texts,  and open up her lap top to surf.  Multi tasking at its most modern.  I did feel a jolt as marriage, among other things,  has made that old song a bit unrealistic and I am very deficient at any sort of cyber multitasking.  I think I might be in some kind of limbo.  Oh well, under all my dust from my whirlwind of activity I think it is good to get a few jolts.  Keeps me alert and making better lists for next Friday's post which I hope will include the shortbread I never got to make!

Blessed weekend!


Createology said...

Miss Elle you should feel so very proud of yourself. What a finish to a very productive week (well the shortbread would have been delicious this week but will have to wait for next week!) my dear. Editing and de-cluttering is really excellent. The guest room is almost done. Your leaves AB is truly special with your written ode. The card making looks fabulous and the proud smile says it all. Excellent finish dear...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Great looking cards! How did you make them? It feels good to lighten the load, doesn't it? Looks to me like you've been pretty darn busy!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, your purging really worked. I'm super impressed. I can't seem to let go of fabric or paper. Clothes on the other hand are easily gotten rid of. Unless I can use them in art, that is.

Awesome that you took that stencil class. I'm sure we'll see a lot more stencil work in the future. And glad to see yet another page for your altered book.

Great wrap-up for the week. Have a super weekend.

HollyM said...

Wow, you really are purging! I desperately need but can't bear to face it! Problem is I've stoll got things stored from two kids.
Your journal page with the stencilling looks great.
Have a good weekend!

Leanne said...

I continue to tidy and arrange too, but you are far ahead of me. I love your story about Chapters, you are pretty tech savvy too I think.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Oh how I envy you with your de-cluttering...that will be me soon. We finally finished decorating the living room and dining room so now I can unpack all the stuff that used to be in there and get rid of some stuff. My theory is if it's packed away out of sight most of the time then you don't really need it but I fear it doesn't work that way does it:(