Friday, November 23, 2012

Friends day

Company arriving so this needs to be brief.  We have some snow coming and what with our winds I need to get the Rooster to tie this guy as it isn't very welcoming when he is on his carrot!  lol

I did more on the calendar pages.  I haven't found the missing calendar but it is only the last week of October that I'm missing.  We are starting to transition into December which will leave red behind and embrace greys, golds and blues.  I am most impressed with our little local scrapbooking store.  Jenn and I gathered some supplies to make cards.  See the blue scrapbooking sheet!

I did look for the missing calendar page as I cleared away the top of the metal filing cabinet and the top of the old wooden filing cabinet.  I have learned that there are filers and there are pilers!  lol  I figure I must be a piler and I'm seriously thinking of reducing surface area that is a tempting spot to pile things.  :(  Now I am wondering if this could be my new pile/file system.  Of course the question is- can I get two fling cabinet drawers reduced to 4 drawers and a miscellaneous catch all on top???  This thrift shop find looks good but I really don't use it as I thought I would. But that is a challenge for next week.
I did find a few oranges for the new project.  I'm not so sure about the binding for the old project.  They are on top of the file pile!

I got some specific paint chips for the hall and I'm trying them. Halls are difficult because they relate to so many other rooms and the whole stairwell.

I did a little work on my whimsical tree and I think I got too dark with the pomegranate silks.  :( Photographing it in front of a light helps!  

I also needed 3 canvases for a spot in the guest room.  These were a quick fix and Iwill be taking them up to another level.  And that will be to stop working dark and get back to some stuff with a lighter hand!  ???
But first I have to persuade the dust bunnies to vacate so my friends can have a good night's sleep on this Friday night.

Happy Weekend!


Mary Ann Tate said...

As one piler to solution has been to be strict about tidying everything away into project baskets. So everything is neat and tidy:) Then I pile the baskets...hah hah...I didn't say it was a perfect solution but it seems to be working. Then after I finish the project I force myself to put everything back where it belongs. My son commented the other day that my sewing room actually looked tidy:)

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Oh, I love the dark, metallic leaf pattern paper! Yum! I'm a piler, too. Your right, I think I need another table in my room and then I think....that would just be another surface for me to pile stuff and I still wouldn't have enough work surface! My answer has been to spread out....use the dining room table, kitchen counter and the dresser in the bedroom, LOL!

HollyM said...

My sewing room is so small that if I left any piles I'd have no room to work.
I love the three canvases!

Leanne said...

Enjoy your weekend. I pile things and have embraced that, I just try to remember to unpile them regularly instead of letting them sit.

Createology said...

Cold Snow...Warm Friends...Cleaning and Organizing. Creative Bliss to you dear.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I'm so late visiting. I finally got my head out of my basement so I could stop by! Like you, I prefer to be organized. I can't let anything build up, or I would be overwhelmed. I learned that over the holiday when friends saw my basement shelves. Very embarrassing.

I don't envy you the snow. We still have very nice weather here. Even breaking record highs a couple of days.