Monday, November 19, 2012

mmm busy

Another sunshiny day and a great weekend.  Mama duck is still inside the chicken enclosure and her offspring comes and goes.  I'm not sure that mama approves.

I have spent the morning moving more stuff around and mostly out!  The youngest has left home (again) and I am taking everything that isn't mine and the Rooster's out to the barn for its last call before...  dum dee dumm dump!  At least I'm really hoping that will be the case.

I was kinda tired on Sunday so I never changed from my good clothes as I didn't feel too energetic. I was knee deep in gelli plate prints before I looked at what I was wearing.  :(  Not quite the method I had in mind for sorting my closet contents!  lol

But I have made good progress on my calendar journal for November.  I wanted red for a poppy and to use some of my grunge stuff.

The October set were rather more red than orange so I'm just carrying on.

I was on my way to grey and a grunge look but ...

Now if I could find the actual calendar page with my last week's notations for October.  :(  

I did find an old sewing project that could hold me till I get some more oranges for the designated quilt project for this month.  This is a runner and a table topper that is ready for layering and quilting.

I will also be looking for some fresh green paint chips for the downstairs hallway.

I do have a busy week ahead of me with a trip to the city for sewing club  which will end up being a major errand day and then I have company arriving for an overnight stay on Friday.

Time to get motivated!


Dandelion and Daisy said...

It is so fun to watch your art grow. You just keep getting better and better. I read somewhere that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to get good at something....your practice hours are paying off! What is Canada's equivalant to Thanksgiving....Thanksgiving? Have a good one, if it is.

Createology said...

Such cute little duckies. Your list of items done and working on is amazing. Love the gelli print and the grays you are using especially with the pop of red. Your WIP looks like you will have it finished in no time. Staying busy you are...

HollyM said...

I love that green colour. It's the colour of most of my rooms!

Jo Vandermey said...

You always have so much on the go and you are getting organized too!
I enjoying seeing your pages.
Is is a chore to do or a joy?
How long does it take you to get to the city.
I live in a smallish town. It has grown greatly since I was married... multiple stop lights now and two Tim Hortons. But if I want fabric or to go to any chain stores I have to drive 20 minutes one way or 30 the other... not so bad. I know others who have to drive longer.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love how you go from ducks to painted clothes. It's always interesting when you are blogging, dear Elle!