Friday, December 14, 2012

Five steps forward and two back

We have a lot of the white fluffy stuff.  The gals in the coop are not real happy and the egg production is showing their displeasure!  They do venture out occasionally but the ducks are mostly out.  Look who is leading mama around now that he has really got his wings!  He can clear the top of the big barn!

The hallway was looking like such a small job that I diddled around with a lot of other stuff before I actually got down to 'doing' it.

I got the old leather trunk cleaned out.  All but a few year books that didn't fit were sent off to DD#1, official record keeper for the family.  I think she'll have a fun time pouring through the old letters and photos during the holidays!

I did make the 12 tags for 12/12/ 12 and that made me rethink how I was storing some things so I did get two more drawers done in the playroom.  All these little bits will make the job faster when I get into that room for the deep clean.  lol

I decided that the hall rug was becoming too much of a magnet for my sloppy coffee carrying on the way to the new computer station in the hallway.  Its also in the road for accessing the chair so I popped it into the Sunshine room and it'll be a cozy foot warmer and car race area!

But the hall turned out to be another digression because this clock needs more modifying as the bottom box to lift it up higher isn't right.  So my Rooster has agreed to another Saturday project.  lol

I want to store all my doll stuff in it.  That got me reacquainted with my 3 girls- Carly who had her glasses broke when dear grandson tried them on and who hasn't seen too well since! Carly, not Josh!  Emily Hanna, who withstands lots of attention, doesn't care for fancy and frills.  Her claim to fame was a 'for real' trip to a real hairdressers for a stylish bob.  The youngest and slightly smaller is Mariella , who for all her sweetness is a real trouper.  She survived a time away as her face healed from terrible black marks that Dutch Cleanser finally faded.  phew!  I am hoping that all the rearranging will postpone their re-entry into the grand kiddies play zone for a while longer.  Out of sight, out of mind?  Well, we'll try at least.

And that cleaned out another drawer!  yippee skippee!

I am up to date on the calendar journal.

The table runner ... :(

The shortbread...  :((   The grand kiddies and I will be making some on the 24th at this rate!  

I shall continue on with the hall makeover and see if we can get 'er done by next Friday!


HollyM said...

Wow, I can't believe your still going this close to Xmas. I've decided to let it be a New Years job.
The rug is just perfect in the sunshine room!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Cute clock; glad you got the Rooster to crow about another project! Wow, you DID get the snow! ... I'm thinking poached eggs and toast for the morning saturday breakfast. Yum!

Jo Vandermey said...

You are getting so much done Christmas!

I am putting off all of that organizing until the kids go back to university again.

Your sunshine room looks great.

Love your doll collection too!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Your sunshine room is awsome, the rug is the perfect finishing touch. I'm impressed that you've kept up the organizing right through this busy season!

Createology said...

I am glad you have the white fluffy stuff and not me. The ducks are cute. Love the rug in the sunshine room as it looks right at home there. Tags and Calendar pages looking artfully good. Your dolls are real troopers and look like lots of company and fun. Keep purging have really gotten it down to a fine tuned race to the finish...

Margaret Applin said...

Wow!! I cannot keep up with you! Great tags!!

Leanne said...

The sunshine room looks so comfortable and nice.