Monday, December 10, 2012

Sun rise!

Another week has started.  I do appreciate that my week starts with Sunday.  Family day, rest day.

But now it is Monday and I need 5 things to do.

I thought the hallway would offer a bit of respite from deep destashing as it only has one closet.  hmm, I now see that the plastic storage is bulging with stuff also.  :(

But in chatting with DD#1, who is a history/genealogy buff, I thought I might do the trunk under my bed and send on all my genealogy stuff which I will not get around to doing anything with.  I don't need another hobby and she could use another hobby so I'll include a scrap booking magazine!  lol  She has an extra long holiday break and can ooh and ahhh over all these long lost relatives!

That would also be a nice start to the master bedroom which has stuff under the bed, 2 overflowing tall  book cases and stacks of books on both sides of the bed!  vbsigh

The playroom is in reasonable shape so perhaps I can get the table runner and topper quilted before I start splashing and spraying more journal pages.

I need to get the winter backgrounds for December ready for journaling.  I think it'll be a blue Christmas!  lol

And then there is the darn shortbread.  Here is hoping!


Createology said...

It is clear your list is made and you will be busy and productive. Great idea to pass along the genealogy task. Love the December blue pallet. You will be so ready for 2013 with all of your fabulous editing my dear. Blessings...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You're Getting so much done....I'm jealous! Well, maybe, I'm just not motivated! LOL

Leanne said...

That is a beautiful morning picture. It is amazing how many things you are finding to tidy up, your house must be so much lighter by now.