Monday, December 17, 2012

maybe this time...

Can I get the shortbread made this week?

The hallway is up for consideration.  I underestimated a small job that once again involved the Rooster and his creative skills.  :(  So I need to jump on it first thing this morning.

I had taken up the rug.  I moved the clock across the hall and then decided to totally rework the base of the clock, well, the Rooster will.  And that's where I left things.

Another little piece that will move into the clocks old position is up for reworking and hopefully I can finish it up by Friday.  My Rooster carefully removed the wine rack and he'll be using it for his hobbies!  I am wondering what colour to paint it.  But I think I need to find the rug first.

There is that table runner and topper!!!  I'm also thinking I need one more sheer panel as I put the new one in the playroom and left the plain ones for the east rooms.  Luv the big leaves on it!

The calendar pages need keeping up with.  I am rolling with that one.

Jenn and I need to get some gift wrap and tags finished up.

I am sure others are busier than I but I am happy to only be kinda busy.  Here is to a smooth slide into the holidays!


Createology said...

Bad Blogger is messing with my ability to comment. Testing 1 2 3...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Somehow I think the 24th is a great day to make that shortbread! Can't wait to see the reworked clock and wine rack. Way to push ahead.

Mary Ann Tate said...

With you it's shortbread...with me it's fudge. The ingredients keep moving around on my kitchen counter....someone is trying to get my attention...LOL Christmas Eve sounds like the perfect time to make it.