Saturday, December 22, 2012

Slipped into Saturday

Two grand Kiddies will be arriving soon to stay till the 25th when we shall deliver them photo ready for a happy family day at their parents.  I want to get everything ready for some fun and creative projects.

The presents were wrapped and the tags completed.

The shortbread was done!

The journal pages got a few extra special pages ready to go.

The table runner and topper are finished and my thumb is coming along nicely!

The new/old piece of furniture got a makeover.  The Rooster had an early day Thursday; daylight is important for older eyes!  lol  And I couldn't wait to touch up the clock base Friday morning.  Pyjamas and paint brush!  I am SO messy.  awk!    Then I started looking at the other piece across the hall.  It turned out great but I need to find some material for a shelf in the bottom and some knobs.

The hall decisions are made and when the renovation hits this room I have a plan.  That closet will become a computer centre.  The rug is usually in the veranda for the summer and is there to remind me of my focus as I almost got seduced by a lovely rug that would have turned me 60 degrees away from all I have accumulated.  :^) I need to pick up a few drawer knobs and some harvest gold paint to smudge on the new clock base.

I had originally planned to have my friend Les's wall hanging up in the hall but it was just made for the front room!  Thanks, Les!

I shall resume with the regularly scheduled posts after the shortbread is eaten, the wrapping paper gathered, and the leftovers are consumed!

Blessings to all for the coming holidays!


Createology said...

Saturday has slipped by here also. Your home is lovely and ready for the laughter of children and the magic of Christmas. The hall cabinets look great. Glad to hear you stayed focused on the rug and room plans. Holiday Blessings and make lots of lasting memories dear...

MarveLes Art Studios said...

oh wowzers, have you been making progress! The hanging looks fabulous with your cabinetry. Have a terrific and merry, merry Christmas, my sweet friend!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Since I'm a pottery "nut", I spied all those colorful pieces on the shelves above your desk! Very ice collection. Merry Christmas!

HollyM said...

Blessings to you , Elle!

Leanne said...

Your house is looking beautiful, enjoy your holiday and those grandkids.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Glad to read the shortbread is made, the gifts are perfectly wrapped in kraft paper, and the tags are ideal. Have a very Merry (and obviously white) Christmas filled with joy and happiness.

Margaret Applin said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and stay safe and warm for New Years!!! The house looks fantastic! You Go Girl!!!