Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday's sum

I've been focused on those east facing rooms.

The Sunshine room is shaping up.  The paint colour should be easy to pick now but it'll be a sunshine colour.

 I spent some time deciding on curtain length and then I ordered a sheer white leafy panel for behind the orange panels.

Since this other room will become a bathroom, shorter curtains and similar treatments facing the road will work.  The pair of duvet covers I chose for this room are more worn and have a white background with  woven stripes running vertically in pale mint, pink, yellow and blue.  I'll have options!  I did get my design wall hung and I hope I haven't wrinkled things beyond redemption nor lost too many pieces.  I can also have my big ironing board set up in here. :)

I did get all the assorted boxes edited and down to a box for each family member.  vbsigh

This room is now officially done until the bathroom renovation begins. The framed scene is my dearie's retirement gift from his work.  Perhaps I can call it the reading room.  The Rooster studies his books and files.   I read my quilt design wall to see if it needs tweaking and when the reno happens I'll be sure to include a magazine rack!  LOL

The tree canvas is as good as it is gonna get for now.  Nice thing about stretched canvas is that it can be recycled!  

No shortbread again this week but the calendar pages are all up to date.

Now to load up some of my 'desirable' stuff to take to DD's casa so she can begin to accumulate her own stuff!    First is to take that empty file cabinet from my hallway.

I am a bit miffed that my sticky fingers creative time is taking a hit but I am beyond thrilled when my head hits the pillow at night that I am actually making progress with my stuff reduction program.  Very Satisfying!
But I can't quite face what is under my bed so I think I'll do the hallway next week, especially with the filing cabinet gone.  LOL


Createology said...

Elle Dear you are making huge progress. The sunshine room looks great. What a wonderful framed gift the Rooster received...very tranquil. I bet your home will be so happy with all you the editing you have done. Fabulous calendar page. Happy Weekend my friend...

Leanne said...

I am catching up on the blogs today. I love how your rooms are looking and the plans are lovely. It will feel like you have a whole new house soon. The journal looks great too.

Margaret Applin said...

What is that gorgeous piece hanging in the 2-b bathroom????? Total eye candy!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

One big smile from me for all the progress you have done!

HollyM said...

Wow, you really are making headway! I've decided to put some of my closet cleaning off until the new year. The house looks goo, it's just kind of dangerous when you open the doors to the closets!
It's my daughters things that are the real problem. I have some of her furniture, kitchen supplies, bedding, etc since she moved to Korea.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

everything in it's time, huh! I went through Christmas 'stuff' with my niece, Sami, and she was thrilled to take it - some her great grandma's things were passed on. Very satisfying, indeed. Looking GOOD Miss Elle! I can't wait to visit that Sunshine Room!!!