Monday, January 7, 2013

First Quarter for the Finish-a-long

The 2013 Finish-a-long is officially starting and I have an ambitious plan for the first quarter.  I am kinda zealous so I will use that to start strongly and I hope to keep up the momentum as the year progresses.

I'm gonna start with a quick finish.  This just needs binding.

This just needs some free motion quilting in the last border and binding.

This was a backing that I really liked and decided to make into its own quilt.  Yikes.  I forgot it was queen sized!  So first sandwiching.  oye, it needs a backing now.  :(  Then I'm thinking some straight line quilting and binding.

Then I have 2 very small bunk bed quilts which have their pieced backings ready to go so just sandwiching and more straight line quilting and binding.  oops, that makes five.

I have material and a plan for the small bed that is in the same room as the bunks.  I'll be happy to get the blocks all made but I'd sure like to 'finish' the room with the three quilts.  Here is hoping.

Then I have started a series of blocks for another bedroom along the same colour ways. Just want these blocks made for this quarter.  Nothing original but I did come up with this plan all by myself.

I have two more small tops that need backs and quilting. My quilting skills are a bit rusty so I am including these as practice pieces but it would be great to get them out of the stack.

I am working on my daughter's wedding top and it needs two more rows.  So having the top finished and ready for sandwiching is my goal for this quarter and why I need/want  this quarter to get my MQing skills up to speed.

Ten sounds like a good number, five plus five.  So I will throw in, gulp, the scrappy trip-a-long blocks that it seems everyone in the blog world is doing.  I've never done much with leaders and enders so maybe this would get me started and my goal is to have at least a third of the blocks for a lap sized quilt for the final quarter of the finish-a-long.  Goodness knows I have lots of scraps in baskets stacked around.  And because I suffer from startitus like some others I know, lol, at least I'll be using up leftovers which are hanging around and waiting in the queue! Hmm, the actual pattern is more like strip piecing but any excuse will do!

oh, brother.  My math!  That makes 11 but that is still a good number.  two 1's!!!   Easey Peasey!  :{

But that should definitely help my 2013 goal to do more sewing!

I feel organized and motivated.  I guess the end of the quarter will show the finished results!


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Hey, if anybody can do can. Think of the beauty you are creating!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Wow that's a lot but I think you can do it:)

Createology said...

One plus one is two. You can do this! Just begin with one and work on along your path of fabrics. You are further along than I am...I haven't even opened any project bins to see what is in them. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I love all your projects, particularly the wedding quilt (really looking forward to seeing that one grow!) and I wish you lots and lots of luck with your list!

Leanne said...

You have many beautiful quilting project that you have been hiding in those bins. I think you have a good chance of finishing most if not all of them, I am so glad you joined the FAL.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I wouldn't get through ONE quilt, much less 11. I don't see how you can do it and stay sane. You'll be on that sewing machine day and night and night and day. Good luck. I can see why you said you have a full plate. More like an overloaded one (grin).

Deborah Hamilton said...

You have quite a list there. They are all so pretty! Good luck!