Friday, January 25, 2013

Me, too!

The grand son phoned a few days in a row to see if 'today was the day?' and Thursday, in spite of some serious blowing snow, he was picked up and brought here to Gram'elle's playroom.

I had already finalized the colours I want for the downstairs.  Just a few either/or decisions and I'll be good to go.  Thanks to my Gemini twin for helping me clarify what I needed to do! :)

I spent an evening figuring out if there was a quick way to piece all my blocks for the wedding quilt.

 If I don't want to totally confuse myself, there is NOT!  I never thought about the diagonals on this fabric!  :(

Then I did a bit of catch up on Jump Start and with some other creative videos on the blogs I follow.

This one is some stencils, acrylics, silks and water colour pencils.  I like it and I'm wondering what to do next!

When we made the quick run to gather eggs, Josh wanted to try the crazy carpet he'd dragged along.  We have the hills but the teacher is kinda inept!  lol

In the meantime Josh and I watched a video on finger misting! That is spray and smear!  lol  He thought he'd like to try!

And Just Because, I am going to watch the Stewart Little video with my fellow artist!   It has been a good week!


HollyM said...

I look forward to seeing your rooms all painted!
How fun to spend a little creative one-on-one with your grandson. You're creating such memories too.
Sounds like a good day.

Margaret Applin said...

Love all your pages!!!! How adorable is your grandson in the first pic???? LOL

Createology said...

With colors in hand and fabric pieces cut and ready to stitch your year is shaping up. Josh is super adorable and really did a great job on his card with the Finger Misting technique. Your journal pages are beautiful. It has been a good week. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts Dear...

Vicki W said...

Your house is so much fun that I am surprised that the grands don't want to move in permanently!

Vicki W said...

Your house is so much fun that I am surprised that the grands don't want to move in permanently!

Leanne said...

You are making great progress on that stunning quilt, and that little one is so adorable, I am sure he is fun to hang out with.

Carolyn Dube said...

No wonder he keeps asking! He is adorable and clearly had a great time with you!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Love your pages Elle...very pretty:) The snow though...eeek!