Friday, March 15, 2013

almost there

It has been hard to keep my mind on what I'm supposed to be doing!  It'll be nip and tuck to see who finishes first.  lol

But I definitely need to stay focused!  :(

I have the three corner blocks to make but I will sew the three borders together first so I can see better what goes next to what.  And I hope....

But things are rapidly changing!

Why was I sweating?  The ceiling is hardly noticeable.  lol

Now there is a difference!

The ceiling changes with where you are looking at it.

Hardly any noticeable difference here but then over there.  I luv it!

There is a lovely section of texture right here.  If you can't see, it just wait.  More changes are coming!  For the north rooms.  I hope there are no more changes to that  #+/&%,  ahem! , to that particularly mind boggling quilt top! 

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Createology said...

Oh Elle I love the changes. Everyday you will be so happy with the soft sunshine colors. I do hope you get that quilt done soon. You have so many other creative things to keep you busy. Sunshine Smiles Dear...