Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wow wips

Never mind the work table!  The whole house has become a worktable.

Furniture and accessories had to find new temporary residences! I tried to keep some paths clear!

I went to work on the wedding quilt blocks as the crew began to change the downstairs.  That back wall had been plywood with a very old wallpaper.  Drywall has been put in place.  The other walls are plaster with a sponge paint finish.  It all must be a good 20 years old.  ooh, embarrassing!

Look what a couple of hours produced.  I am really luving it.   This is a thin coating of mud (?) plaster (?) that is troweled sorta smooth.  The process will continue after everything nicely dries. 

The Rooster's eyebrows are up at his feather line.  lol  But the reality is that he wants to know when he gets his favourite chair back!  :)  I can't wait for the first coat of colour!


I am in the home stretch as far as the blocks go.  The trick is not confusing myself which is horribly easy as I look sideways, lay down the right, UHM! make that 'correct' piece!  Then transfer everything to the cutting table with the right piece on the left side 'cause I sew from the inside edge to the outside edge.  See what I mean! :O  Then I try not to mix up the pieces as they come back from the sewing machine.  I have part of the last row to piece and the three corners.  I did rip off the border I first did and now I have to rip some more as I need those yellow patches to finish as all my yardage has be cut and used.  It will be nip and tuck but I'm rooting for tuck!

I  had to carefully set everything aside because my gal came for creativity 101.  I try not to listen to Nina quivering under her protective cover as Jenn and I get kinda excited and abandon all caution.!  lol

But we held it down to white gesso and only a small digression for a pink flower on the paint shirt!  :) 

The painters return tomorrow and I shall be back listening to Nina hum as we get this top finished.  I am thinking it is looking all the better for all the snafoos! 

I hesitate to link to The Needle and Thread Network as I am still not finished this top.  :(  But I'm close, very close! 


Createology said...

Fresh and new and bright and beautiful your home will be very soon. I am excited to see more...
Nina and you are really putting the quilt together nicely and you are so close now. Jenn is lucky to have you and your art time each week. The white stenciling looks very pretty. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

This is so much work Elle..but you will love it in the end. Come do mine???? That quilt is huge and going to be so pretty.

Jo Vandermey said...

The house is looking great. It inspires me especially since my faux walls are only 13 years old.
The quilt is coming along greatly. So satisfying to get close to the end!

HollyM said...

Don't hesitate to link. I like to read about the process and that is also what I post about. If I waited for a finish, there wouldn't be much posting!
It's going to be such a pretty quilt!
And how exciting that your redo is well on its way! Won't it be lovely!

Margaret said...

The top is massive and I'm duly impressed. All those curves! (I know, I've said that before.) The room is shaping up nicely; I marvel how you keep calm in the midst of it.

Regina said...

Painters in the house, shudder. Wonderful that the end of piecing this quilt is in sight, but that is such a pretty pattern, especially in those spring time colours.