Monday, June 24, 2013

I will, I will not.

 Once upon a time I had some control over my life.  The Rooster crowed once and left for work at 6:00 am and returned at 6:00 pm.  The day was mine. :)  Not so now. :(  The Rooster still crows, leaves for work, and returns.  But some of my chickies have returned at various times as well and the youngest is now back in the coop  with his girlfriend.  They need a little TLC before they can fly again.  My time is not my own and I have had to admit my stamina is not what it once was.  I do need my 8 hours of sleep, a healthier diet and some warm up stretches if not some kind of exercise program.  :o  I need to get some control back and the choice is mine.

 Since I am now willing to accept this as the new normal I have decided some things.  i.e. -  I will grow up, act my age, set an example, etc.!  ;)

I will look ahead and accept that there are things I cannot change.  What is, IS.  I will not look back and moan for what I only imagine could be better and probably wasn't.  Hopefully I can learn from my mistakes. I do want to focus on what is, not what was nor what could be but NOW.
I will manage my endorphines.  I will not waste creative productive opportunities.  Sound confusing?  Well, I discovered that reorganizing, planning, and beginning bright new ideas makes me high. I luv that feeling.  But then I come down hard when it is time to actually do it and I am dismayed that I somehow lost that 'luving feeling'!  I will begin to put off short term pleasure for long term gain. Btw, that is my Rooster's mantra! ;)

I will continue to simplify and sort. Clutter confuses and distracts.  But I will not loose focus, climb on the endorphine train, and derail! I'm a great starter but not a great finisher.   Hark, do I hear my longsuffering Rooster crowing.  Half way through a creative curve he will straighten up, look me in the eye and say, "You've done it to me again, this is NOT what we are supposed to be doing!".  He is very focused unless I razzle dazzle him with my fancy feather movements!  lol 

I will use a timer.  I will not write out elaborate schedules, plans, or timetables with colour coded papers, pens and stickers.  Okay, the stickers are an exaggeration but you get the idea. :o   I will figure out how much time I have most days for work and play. I will figure out the best time to do things.  I will not do what I want, I will do what is best.  I have been known to pick cleaning, which is my happy place where I day dream about what if..., rather than do something I'd rather not do.  The only list I will attempt is a time log for what I did in hopes of improving and focusing. I will set the timer and try some discipline.

I will have reasonable expectations.  I will not be fooled that writing down my to-do/wish list means by some magic it has been or will be done.  I am an optimist.  I am married to a realist.  Surely something has rubbed off on me and I could become an optimistic realist.  lol 

I will commit to a general (realistic) plan.  I will not get bogged down in la la land embellishing the landscape!  :(   Five things!  Simple priorities! One big project a month.  Hardest thing first. Clean up worktable every night. Finish something!

I will get back to basics and a good balance.  I will not clutter things up nor complicate things. 

I will use my supplies and purchased classes.  I will not buy more supplies nor more classes. 

 I will manage my time.  I will not waste it.  I will find out what works for me.  I will limit some things.

I will DO it!  I will!


greelyrita said...

I hear you!! That could be me talking! I let some things I must do keep me from doing other things I must do but want to do even less. After I get those first things done, it's reward time. The second set of must-do's never seems to get to the head of the list and that second list is getting bigger and more ominous.

Margaret Applin said...

Oohhhhh Elleeeee...I think you have just had too much coffee :) xoxoxox

Createology said...

Elle this is why you and I have a connection! This post says so much of what I feel and do or don't do. Right now especially! Blessings Dear. Breathe deep and keep creating...

MarveLes Art Studios said...

{you're on the right track!} stay there! xoxo my sweet elle

Leanne said...

This has the echo of the Desiderada, and I love the coffee cups interspersed, that is perhaps my approach, when in doubt add more caffeine. Good luck with your plan and your newly returned chickies and make sure you have lots of fun too.

Threadpainter said...

Elle ... sounds like a very tough list ... too much work, not enough fun ! Don'y let yourself be bullied into someone you are not unless this is absolutely something you want !
You do not need to be anyone's role model any more !

I, too, had a whole family (5) move into our 3rd floor ... 'til they could find the right place' ... it's been almost 7 yrs !!!
But it's been, mostly, a lot of fun. I've had the pleasure of watching 3 gr.children grow up in front of my eyes (it's much better the 2nd time around !) and it is now a very beneficial arrangement for all of us. I never have to cook anymore !!!!!!
The oldest gr.kid is off to university in Sept. ! (I'm giving myself some credit for her development)