Monday, June 17, 2013

In the mood

 The fore casted rain has been holding off but the dew this morning was very heavy.

The plants are all loaded with dew.

The Rooster was in the mood to weed Sunday night but the mosquitoes drove him in finally.  The wood ticks have also been very bad this year.  He is giving weeding till the end of June and then it is time to move on to The Projects!  :)  He has almost completed his initial pass around the circumference of the yard and is most interested in filling all the black areas to reduce future weeding. lol 

We moved the bench to the other sunnier side of the yard.  I/we are thinking a nice paved circle would be lovely in front of this bench and anchor it. The two small and rounded lilacs on each side and a nice  small sized tree off to one side but behind it will make a nice grouping.  And off to the left of the photo and deep under a shrub is where mama duck is in the mood to brood her eggs!  shhh, its a secret!

We were all in the mood for lunch in the veranda Sunday afternoon.  A little crowded but very pleasant.

While the Rooster was on his hands and knees in the yard I was in the mood to purge my fabric.  This is the rough sort.  I have 4 bags for the MCC quilters.  I just asked myself if I'd want a quilt from the fabric in question or do I even know someone who would.  Folk art??? I have come a long way, baby!  lol The boundaries for my fabric will be this shelving unit and a matching one with projects to the right of the sewing machine.  My neutrals are still to be moved from the closet. hmm, I might just switch all the fabric to the sewing machine wall and put the beads, buttons and thread on that end wall.  Tonight the Rooster will hang my new rods for the white curtains which will be my design walls.  vbsigh  It feels good!  I was in the mood!


Createology said...

A very nice busy weekend was had by all. The photo of your family is wonderful. May your week be productive and pleasant dear...

HollyM said...

It wears me out just to read about all your jobs! I'm curious as to whether you've been in your house for a while.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great and so organized. I love days where I wake up in the mood to get organized. I think the pathway will be a gorgeous project. I can imagine that the bugs and ticks would drive anyone mad especially when they are trying to get things done on a deadline.

from Ruth Busse @Online PhD in Psychology