Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Proceeding with caution!

I am hoping the road running is about done and it is time to stay home and make some dust here in the coop!

I am upset enough with all the clutter and the amount of time I spend managing my stuff that there is a possibility I just might throw that baby out with the bath water.  I am not really a thrifty person so what makes me save stuff  'just in case' is a mystery to me.  :O

I am ready to move my creativity ahead but I am hampered by the piles I need to leap over and the stalls as I dig through the clutter.

Vicki's post on time management has me considering what else I can do to improve things.  Some I do, some I should do and some I need to do. ;^) I don't have a job and I do have a designated workspace.  I can not create in the midst of clutter.  I do need to streamline my household chores instead of using them as an excuse for not creating.  The errands and shopping this past while took time and gas, not to mention the money spent on the extras that weren't on the list.  I must seriously rethink the value of on-line shopping.   I actually think I am more focused on what is necessary in front of the screen than when I am out and bedazzled by all the choices in the aisles which are pressing down on me and around me.  yikes! The recommendation to find the best times to do projects is excellent. Then to realize that I can get things done in increments rather than in huge time blocks would be empowering.  I do make oodles of lists. But then I should actually find my lists and read my lists!  Sad but true. Just listing them doesn't get the job done!  :(   And I NEED to get past these older 'must do' projects.   How can I bribe myself???

The biggest thing I got from Vicki's post was that 'stuff' takes lots of time (and money) to manage and I need to quit tidying the edges of my piles and bulldoze straight through them and carry them far away!  lol

This week the section for this month's book and the art of seeing focused on imagination.  We tend to emphasize logic. Developing imagination involves abstraction and selection.  Abstraction is just separating the parts from the whole (simplifying).  Then you select the elements that best express the intent. Again, simplifying!  Heck, I can do this for my 'problem' 

So today I will be all day in my 'studio'.  I will be abstracting what really needs to happen and then I'll be selecting the best ways to achieve the vision!  Hopefully I can then carry my thoughts into every area of my spaces. And the most troublesome space is really the mindset that I have!  ;^)

In spite of my usual ability to jump start and hare off like a startled jack rabbit, I shall proceed with some caution. 


Mary Ann Tate said...

I did a big clean out of fabric last year. Sometimes you just have to do it. I felt that I was under pressure...self imposed:) use the fabric that I had accumulated over years. It was a relief to see it go I must say:) There is still stuff in boxes...old craft stuff from eons ago...that I know I will never use as I've moved on to newer ventures. I'm also all about online shopping now. When I think of the time and gas used up to try and find that one supply I need...sheesh. I realize it's much easier to go online and get it. Okay so there are shipping costs but my time is least I think so:)

Createology said...

Great post Elle Dear. I read Vicki's Time Management post and boy am I guilty! Clutter, Computer, Excuses!!! Time is so precious and limited. Good luck my friend...