Wednesday, June 19, 2013

wow, organized or what!

This is not what this worktable looked like 24 hours ago!  But I was, pant, pant, ready for Creativity 101 by the time the girls showed up.

The Rooster added the rods and made the box for the last bookshelf.  I had decided to put all the mixed media supplies in that last bookshelf and that meant moving all the fabric that was grouped for future projects.  I had started rearranging fabric but the Rooster felt it was much easier to take the top boxes down and work on the floor Monday night.  It was but I had to empty them.  :O

The worktable got some extra support with two legs on the end corners.  The ironing board still needs to be put inside the closet door.  I found the Rooster's handy dandy chop saw while he was at work and I cut one more shelf and a divider for this bookcase and I think it'll be good now.   See.  I'm not totally helpless but the quality isn't up to Rooster requirements. 'sokay!
The Rooster mutters about how long before I'll change things again.  I'm hurt.  These are upgrades, not changes!  ;^)

I now have a helper on Tuesday afternoons and we purged and organized.  I would look at some fabric, remembering when and where and what for and wax nostalgic.  But the two questions that solved the dilemmas were- 1) Would I want a quilt from it?  And 2) Would anyone else?  Surprisingly my young gal okayed some. I did give her all the novelty fabric to sort and she commented that she could see some would indeed be hard to part with!  lol   I'm embarrassed by my excess but I am already feeling way lighter, freer and definitely happier. 

After she left it was up to me to bag and load the trunk of the car.  I'm sure the hood/nose is pointing slightly heavenward as if to say 'Really!'.  I did scoop up one or two, no more than half a dozen,  as a last moment reprieve.  I also forgot to edit the green fabrics which are squeezed into their allotted shelf.  oops! The main colours aren't stacked nicely but they are in their place.

Oy!  Now I need to organize all this side of the room which is for the wet stuff.  We need to find stuff easily and quickly.   Next worktable session is scrap booking but a lot of sorta wet stuff is also on this side of the studio like stamps and stencils.  How much better can it get?  :) 

I must remind the Rooster that it takes a lot to personalize a house to make it a home and that applies to my Coop and Saucer Playroom as well! 


Mary Ann Tate said...

Good for you Elle...lots of progress going on:)

Margaret Applin said...

Organizing always feels soooo good!!!! Yay!!!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Lookin' good! My last major overhaul was about 6 months ago and I've done "fairly" well at not bring more stuff in! Paper is my problem, not fabric but I do have some of that, too. said...

such a beautiful home - and such beautiful art it produces!! : )))

Happy summer.


Threadpainter said...

I am very envious of your 'coop' ... such a lovely place to work in !

Createology said...

My goodness I am always amazed at how you are able to improve on your room's layout and flow. This is excellent. Kudos for editing out fabrics. Creativity 101 is really producing lots of great pieces. Happy Creative Hearts Dear...