Saturday, June 8, 2013

Making things complicated

The chokecherries are always a welcome sight when I look out the bedroom window and smell the flowers.  The birds are quite noisy as they hop about in the branches.

Life becomes more complicated as I add outside chores to my inside obligations!

I hope to make one last trip to the city to get my supplies and then spend the rest of the summer using them all!

IKEA and Michael's!  We had a challenge fitting DD's mirror into the car and we were just deciding who would be riding on the roof rack when I found the rope to hold the pillow on top of the mirror and the trunk down! :O   Nobody was more surprised than me when we arrived with it still in one piece!

The grandson is spending the weekend and we showed off our considerable skills to son #3's girlfriend.

 I have been considering a plan for a quilt for the newly redecorated sitting room.  It is gonna be a modern quilt, probably with a cross inserted into these large precuts.

We are off to the nursery to get that black soil that the Rooster has uncovered filled up.   Then there will be the everlasting grass to trim.  The Roosters focus for June is the yard.  He will hold me to the plan!  ;^)

As far as my own plan, I will be considering the best ways to make the best of the summer that is here and fill up my new journal!


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Now there's a shopper who is either contemplating her next purchase or how to escape from this wire prison and make a break for it! Nice quilt makings you have there.

Createology said...

Gosh it seems like you went from Snow to Summer overnight. Uber cute little shopper. Your new modern quilt fabrics will be fabulous when put together. Little Man can't help being a great artist...he's left handed. Happy Hearts Creating Dear...

Rose said...

Oh I miss the chokecherries! I grew up in South Dakota and had them all the time.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

ah yes... yard work and summer. always something! but that fabric looks cool, and i look forward to seeing what you do with it.. even if the weather turns cold and cool before you get to it?!