Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where is the joy?

I have said it before but I must say it again.  I like blogging!

I like writing.  I like taking photos, arranging vignettes, and inserting them creatively/appropriately in my blog posts.  I like learning new things.  I like coming up with themes, ideas, and plans.  I like to dream BIG!

I am an optimist by nature.  I hope for the best.

I should leave it right there but then I have this organizing gene that feeds the optimism but kills the joy.  oops!

Then I am faced with this.

 And this.  And we all know that there are etceteras!

 I want to do it all and  prove I can keep all my shiny balls bouncing high in the air.  When the pile is high I wave my finger in my own face and "I'll show you!" rears up and hope faints and joy awaits the final burial!  lol   But maybe not so lol.

It is no longer fun! So what is more important?  I hope it is joy.  (I hear my friend, Les, shouting Amen!)

Hoarding for a rainy day!  My stash is 'hoarding for a rainy day'?  vbsigh  Why would I want to postpone joy?  Why do I waste the sunshine waiting for a rainy day?

Right now the sun is shining and the Rooster and I are up to our ankles in manure (composted) and we are talking about his 'real' retirement and how we need to get things under control, simplified and have some enJOYment in those golden years that are in this current stack of calendar pages.   I don't want to hoard but this week is gardening. A rainy day will be coming.  Sewing and beading, and mixed media art and even perfect journals will have to wait for the rainy day.  The blog can't wag the tail of this happy puppy!  The blog was always meant to be a diary of what I'm doing, a few dreams, and some lessons.  But then the unexpected happened and somebody read it and another and whoa, I have a following?  Not much, but now I don't want to disappoint.  The blog was never meant to be a robber of joy nor a prize for bigger, better, mostest.  :O

I've been singing,"where is the luv..."  but I'm really thinking, "Where is the joy...".  I think it is found in just moving ahead in the things that you luv doing!  And for me that isn't switching things constantly to keep all the balls in the air.  One ball in the air is JOY,  two is joy, but three is not so much joy when I have to begin chasing dropped ones.  For this set of calendar pages I'm luving the changes I'm seeing in the yard.  I'm taking joy in bouncing one big ball in the simple summer sunshine.  Really?  Really.  And sometimes the Rooster and I even play some catch! 

Do you want to follow joy?


MarveLes Art Studios said...

OH Elle... AMEN! {sing it sister} ~ Aaaaa-men, A-men, A-men. Making the most of your time with Rooster is #1. Just BE {the joy} that flows through you, from the never-ending source... wonderful post. wonderful lessons. i'm hearing ya! xo

Leanne said...

Oh I hope you continue blogging only when it makes sense and is joyful. When the sun shines and other things are calling, do get out. I am so looking forward to my month of gardening in August. But I am also planning to get a long extension cord and take my fabric and sewing machine out on the deck this year. Why wait to sew for a rainy day or stay in was my thought.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I like blogging, too, for pretty much the same reasons as you do. I, also, need a break from it from time to time....like last February when I posted on two times in the month. The joy doesn't go away...it just needs a break once in a while to rejuvenate it's self.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Great post, Elle!

Createology said...

Yes, I want JOY! And BLISS! and PLAY! I want to jump in puddles when it rains and blow bubbles in the sunshine. Chores are fine but only if they are surrounded by Joy and all else that sparks smiles and happy hearts. Your post is perfect! We must enjoy every minute and not put off until tomorrow. You and the Rooster play while you are creating such a joyful beautiful garden. Play with the grands and hang from the bars upside down...well actually just take photos of them doing so. The Joy is inside YOU my dear...

Vicki W said...

I also often have to remind myself not to let the blog turn into work. I do find that it motivates me and I like that. But you must do whatever makes you happy!

Threadpainter said...

I love blogging, too and I enJOY reading yours !

Margaret said...

I like that your garden blooms toys along with the flowers. I like that I 'met' you online...and can send a hug across cyber-space. EnJOY! :-)