Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Documenting Life

I have been documenting my life each week.  I think a bit more forethought would help.  lol

But then that would mean doing only one thing at a time.  I am now behind on my sketchbook class not to mention the three other projects.  The yard is drying out and I can see some dandelion leaves. :O

This past week featured a favourite quote and DD#1 and I were talking about old letters and cards and my need to throw away my old diaries.  :(  She said, "We truly do need the gift to see ourselves as others see us." and I thought that was very profound.  I'm meditating on it!  ;^)  Too late for the diaries though!

EDIT:  DD#1 says SHE was quoting Robbie Burns!  ;^)

This is this week's and I'm learning to add old scrap pages to save some time.

Because my life is always busy!  Documenting sometimes is just about the blurs. But I am now older and wiser and know that some opportunities only come once in a lifetime.  You can quote me on that! 


Jo Ferguson said...

Your journal pages are beautiful. I think they're better because there is no forethought. Blurs could also be a good thing. It helps us to avoid over-thinking. Sometimes the first thought that comes to our mind, is the right one.

Jo Vandermey said...

Blurs I understand... And I love your journal pages but I think I love seeing the time you spend with your little ones.

Createology said...

Blurs are exactly what life is! Loving your DLP journal. We can only do so much and no more. Creative Life Bliss Dear...

Gina said...

What a wonderful post!!! ....the diaries, the blurs, Robbie Burns quote, your photos ... it is all perfect with my morning coffee break.