Wednesday, May 7, 2014

wow, do I have a handle on the worktable projects?

My work table.  Hard to work on it when there is sew much stuff on it.  :(

But I got the baskets cut out, well at least the coloured bits.  As usual my math is dismal.  There are 24 baskets!  :(  This is really gonna be a challenge for this busy month.  So 18 pin dots are not enough.  I found a few more and two similar.  The other six are gonna be that " but the shortage of fabric just makes the quilt better!" kinda scenario!  LOL

I'm actually glad that I didn't cut the background fabric because the original didn't work with the lighter basket handles  (1/4 inch finished!!!!) so a flowered white will do even if it doesn't 'exactly' match the white on the multi dots which I hope will be sashing.  See above scenario! 

We are still experiencing cold April showers so there may be no rush to get May baskets up on the wall:

As with most things, this series of wall hangings is a learning curve.  I wish I'd made the outside strips wider so I could trim them for proper width after determining the binding treatment. I think the whole shebang would also block and lay flatter.  :O  I am also wanting a better hanging method. 

I was happy with my raindrops and the soft puckering after washing.   I am not so happy with the icy rain and intermittent snow flurries in May though!  :(

I fell badly off the budget wagon this month.  VBSigh. Some journaling supplies and I 'm thinking ahead hopefully to a flowery, summer month.  But gee, my orange period is sure lasting a long time.  ;-O  I can quickly stack these somewhere but the mixed media is mixing heavily with the sewing projects on my worktable this month.  And if the Tablets for Dummies is as helpful as I think it'll be,  I'll be slipping off the wagon again to get Dummies for Windows 8 and for PhotoShop Elements next!

If anybody reading gets a chance, pull your wagon over to The Needle and Thread Network and see what they've been playing with!


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

such pretty colours!
I usually have "math" issues too..I am always scraping out the scrap box to try to get enough of something to finish!! LOL

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

The colours for the baskets are lovely. I almost did not see the pile of fabric in the last picture until you mentioned orange. Fun!

Jehnny said...

Those pastel hues in that wall hanging are beautiful! I have wanted to do a wall hanging for a while, but too many projects!!

Jo Ferguson said...

Budget wagon? What's a budget? Ok..ok..I know what a budget is, but sometimes it's fun to fall off the wagon, a little. I'd love to hear what you think of Lynn's book "Intentional Printing". It's on my wish list. Have fun staying busy, I don't think you'd enjoy any other way.

Margaret said...

You and me, separated at birth. This week I ran out of the all important background fabric too. While ordering some more a few items fell into my shopping cart! What could I do!

Createology said...

Oh my cutting and keeping track and then sewing all those little pieces is beyond me. I really like your April Showers wall hanging. I spy lots of goodies for lots of creative bliss...well done my friend.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

It am useless with math! Lol
Love your fabrics Elle

Vicki W said...

I'm so good at math that I often do the same calculations 3 times and get different answers.