Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We had two nice days before the grey settled back in.  Grey really makes these wee flowers pop!
I had moved a few clumps but even so these are happily spreading  all over and their upgrade is welcome.

Speaking of up grades,  I am using Windows XP and I've been wondering what I should be doing.  I see that my emails in Outlook Express are becoming questionable.  I am getting a lot of new e-mails that have already come in and sometimes even for the third time.  ???  When I began blogging I set up a gmail account and it has really become my primary account.  I not sure the Rooster wants to give ellendacoop as his email addy so I might need to make a new family account and move those who do use Outlook over. 

I am pretty happy with the Dummy book for my tablet.  In talking with DS#1 I am thinking it is time to order another couple of books so this dummy can upgrade her grey matter.  Clouds?

About six months ago we bought a laptop that was on sale.  It has Windows 8 on it and I have it in the sewing room and play music and my workshop dvd's on it.  There is no Internet access in that room.   The home computer worked fine so ... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.   But now XP is broke. :(  It looks like time to learn Windows 8 and how to let my fingers walk all over the mouse pad.  :O

I could put my old Photoshop Elements 10 program on the laptop.  I can get another Dummy book and start all over with the program which won't be hard 'cause I have forgotten everything. :)  I do need to get some photos spiffed up for my Mother, May I project.  I am also noticing that my old camera is taking an awful lot of blurry pictures.  I am hoping to wait till fall to upgrade the camera and after I have a better understanding of how I'll be using Photoshop.  But in the meantime...

Dummies for Tablets arrived with a traveling companion-  Intentional Printing by Lynn Krawczyk.  lol  I'm anticipating a speedy upgrade for my barn workroom and warmer weather to make my own fabrics.  She has great instructions for the process of printing but it was the intentional part of the book that made buying the book so gratifying. 

I quote:

"This book is meant to help guide you toward your own kind of understanding about your art. Yes, there are techniques and there are projects to refine your skills.  But there is more than that.  I can teach you techniques until the cows come home, but I am doing you a disservice if I don't help nudge you toward assimilating these new skills into your personal vision. 

Intentional printing is about slowing down and looking beyond the mechanics of how to print pattern on fabric.  It's about discovering your intention toward your art by slowing down, getting to know what you love, and embracing the techniques that you learn to create your own art.  It is permission to go inward and focus on the aspects of your art that speak your truth the closest."

Interestingly, my last sketchbook class teacher is all about- slow down!  :O

The good news is that I am somewhat moving in that direction already but it is good to have that reminder.
The monthly wall hangings are a certain size and are my interpretation of the month.  If I haven't the right fabric I try to just get what I need.  ahem
I am a technique junkie but the focus on Lutradur this month is geared toward making my memory box on mothers and daughters and only four specific techniques.  Deadlines are wonderful! :)
The DYLP helps me try things in one specific journal.
The finished project a week keeps me scrambling to get something done.

The bad news is that I am a tad exuberant.

So here I am already to gather up print materials and yardage and PLAY!  And she says what...

"I only print fabric when I am making a project.  What?  Let me say it again:  I only print fabric when I am making a project.  I save every bit of leftovers for collages and other projects, but to keep my resources, time, and stash in line, I work with a purpose."   

With a slap up the side of my  head and a hard sit down;  I thought, DUH!  I have pages of gelli printed paper and fabric, odd tries with stamping and scribbling on fabric, and  a whole shelf of odd novelty prints.  Why do I want to rush off and make more!  FUN, but does it have any purpose?   sheesh 

Lynn has figured out her own preferred colours and imagery.  Then she has a plan for what she calls Quiet Layered Printing and another for Intense Layered Printing.  Intentional!   And might I also add, Brilliant!

So the final upgrade will be cataloguing my preferred colours of which I am steadily gaining an understanding.  I once read a home dec lady who said that we each need our own personal colour palette.  This is a bit contrary to earlier advice that said buy everything, especially uglies which will force you to grow.  Good grief, life is too short to overcome a shelf full of camouflage khakies .  I say two FQ's will do and only one shelf of the interestings!  ;^)

Then I need to isolate the shapes and images that I gravitate to.  I like sketchy circles, not thick donuts.  That in itself is a serious demarcation line.  I'm learning I like the fine outline in rubber stamps so I won't be buying those solid guys.  I also really like stencil masks and will look for more of those as opposed to the more common stencils.  It is a good and purposeful start.

I shall make up something similar to a recipe file for favourite techniques/ methods/plans. Basic steps with options.  I am thinking that the way life is zipping along here I better start being more intentional and a little less slap dash spontaneous.  I suspect there will be lapses and one wants to always be up for a few what ifs...

The Rooster will help me.  The focus this weekend was fertilizing and pruning trees and shrubs.  He caught me putting out some of my garden ornaments and chased me and my clippers back to the job at hand.  Which, thanks to his singlemindedness, we got finished.  lol  Mind you. thinking about this upgraded little vignette makes me want to upgrade more!  It can't rain all summer.  Anyone know the upgraded weather forecast?


Monika Kinner said...

oh my gosh that last photo is adorable! What are those? Scilia?

Soooo lucky!

: )

Createology said...

I adore your little bunny with the blue planter and blue flowers! If we only work with a purpose...where is the fun and playful in what we love to do? You certainly are on a path of creative bliss in every area of your indoor and outdoor life. Blessings Dear...

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm also a technique junkie (or I have a short attention span). I want to try everything but I think Lynn is right. Keeping focused and working "with intention" makes sense. I'd probably get much more done. Her book is on my wish list but it's about to move to my cart. Thanks for the insight.