Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Goodness sakes!  All this fun I am having is starting to get a bit out of hand.  What a crazy month! But honestly, it isn't this month it is this life!  So if I want to continue to do it all:

RE: evaluate-
I need to go back to those words for the year- focus, find, fine tune, finish...  What exactly do I want to do?
Well,  I want to make things using fabric.  I want to journal.  I want to make art.

RE: Fabric-
 I like to support The Needle and Thread Network.  It motivates me to have something related to my first luv, fabric, on my worktable for Wednesdays.  I hadn't really planned to do a wall hanging a month but again, the focus and the making of something for my home quite fits in with my overall goals.  This month is a challenge time wise and I'll be happy just to get a top done.  Twelve focused projects just resonates with me!  I do better with a theme.   I am a tad exuberant so I try to not to stick my hand up for every quilt a long.  I have a few smaller commitments but I need to be focusing on fine tuning my skills not fiddling with those fun projects.  :O  I think the fabric part is good, I just need to rein myself in a wee bit!

Re:  Journal
I do like the Document Your Life Project (DYLP).  I need to fine tune my method. As I try to deal with all my stuff (clutter)  that overwhelms this designated workspace area I could combine my out of control lists, and bright ideas into this journal.  I swear, one extra big creative spark and everything will go poof! 
I  signed up for Sketchbook Skool, a six week course,  knowing this would be a crazy month.  So I am way behind on the practical although I have read all the theory  which, the truth be known, is my problem.  Just do it, don't study it!  sheesh  But I have made journals, used journals, and worked in journals.  This isn't too bad and again I can pull in the parameters a bit and get the daily practice more consistent. 

RE: Art
Which leads me to art and the whole mixed media realm!  It fascinates me and I so badly want to create stuff.  It is also the area that I need to get a grip on.  I am a technique junkie.  I never saw an art supply I didn't need to replenish or investigate!  My clothes budget has been hijacked!!!  I keep telling myself to take the free tutorials!  vbsigh   I am committed to a project this month involving Lutradur and the ...and then we set it on fire blog... .   It has been a bit time consuming but I am liking it and I'm thinking I may need a designated 'art' day for the blog so I can stay focused and actually produce something. The memory box will take several more weeks and then I should think of another series.

My finishes for the week are quite motivating as well.  awk!  Just finish something!!!!

So I need to do some readjusting, some reorganizing, some redeeming (time), some readjusting, some re... Well, you get the idea.  I could do mixed media Mondays, fabric mid week and finish up with journal projects.   That leaves two days to procrastinate.  Another REally big problem!  

Okay, time to RE turn to regular scheduled programming!  ;^)


What Comes Next? said...

I love your Sheeesh! Like you, I tend to read all the instructions, but don't get around to actually trying them out. You are doing far better than me in that regard. Good luck getting back on track!

Threadpainter said...

Dear Elle,
Maybe it is time to slooowwww dowwwwn ?
I love your enthusiasm for all things art but every once in a while one just needs to stop ... breathe ... read a book ... smell the flowers ... and realize that we might not be accomplishing much because there is so much to do. Did your mother ever say, 'Hurry, hurry never gets !' ?
With my sewing machine running as fast as it does, I find myself revved up as much as it is ! ... and I need to walk away from it. Not good for my health.
Don't worry about keeping up with the groups, they'll be there for you in another month ... just do one thing that sets your heart on fire, leave the rest for a while.
Forgive me if I sound like a know it all, I don't , just trying to help!

Createology said...

Being creative is both a blessing and a curse because we want to DO IT ALL! Focus has never been a strong suit for me and then I get overwhelmed because I can't do everything. I say do what you can when you can and simply enjoy it to the maximum. Creative Sheesh Bliss Dear...

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm in exactly the same place. There are just so many things that I want to do....quilt, journal, mixed media, art dolls, embroidery. I also need to refocus, reassess and clear the clutter (mostly in my head). I recently set some ambitious goals, but in my desire to work on them all, I'm not finishing any....sound familiar? I wish you luck and look forward to seeing how you manage to fit it all in.

Jo Vandermey said...

Can I echo your Sheeesh! Since I am the one that got you into the Lutradur thing anyway. I feel like we should join a group just to control our impulses.
But consider this maybe it this is what keeps us going? What would we be doing otherwise? I think it is keeping our brain cells active!
We are goal driven people. Keep the deadlines but just enjoy the rest as therapy... it is keeping our brains in shape.
I like the idea of setting a few goals from the to finish, to start, to try method.
This month has been so focused on writing and experimenting but never finishing. I am so glad you are getting a finish from your experimentation!
You are a great sport and support for all you have done this month with your guest postings! You are one special lady Elle!