Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Finish

The grand kiddies invited us to celebrate their end of year school party!  This missy isn't in school but seems to be up for an Alphabet Party! 

While she was napping we decorated and gathered supplies for the big event.  There was way too many balloons for me to blow up and the few that exploded almost did my heart in!  lol  We had homemade alphabet cookies and the guests were asked to bring an alphabet related item.  The Rooster thought breakfast cereal would do but I had alphabet beads and I made bubble wands so we could blow bubbles.

Each kiddie had made a pinata.  Josh thought he could hit his with his new 'arrow shooter'!  ;~)

Elaina wasted only one swing with her blindfold and then got down to serious smacking with that big stick!  By golly, it looks like summer is settling in as the trees are leafing out and the dandelions are sprinkled about.

The grand kiddies picked the menu and we had hot dogs, cake and ice cream.  Then we scooped up the kindergarten boy for his turn at the farm.  He has charge of the new chicks while the Grand  Farmer gets their new home all ready.  I think all of us will have a good sleep after such an abc day!


Createology said...

How very fun to have an alphabet party to celebrate school ending. The Grands look quite happy having so much fun. Josh will take very good care of the new chicks by the concentration on his face. Fabulous Friday Finish...

Jo Ferguson said...

I love the idea of an alphabet party. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. You can't beat a sunny day and baby chicks, unless of course, you're beating the heck out of something with a great big stick. I should try that.