Saturday, October 25, 2014

Encouraging links

I am still thinking about blogging and how to do it well.  Design Sponge had a great post this week on 10 Things I Learned from Life About Blogging.  I thought she made some excellent points.  We are all linked together here in blogland where we can learn from life and benefit each other.  :)  Be encouraged!

and Seth-   The Sound of Authenticity.    :)


Createology said...

I shall have to read these links you posted. Right now we have a few tiny sprinkles of rain and are off down the hill for some errands. Saturday Serenity Dear...

Margaret said...

"10 Things" is a very interesting post indeed. I had to look up "FOMO" and "YOLO"...but once I did, it was the paragraph about them that really got my attention. I admit to having fallen prey to "FOMO" a few times in my life -- not so much from Fear Of Missing Out but from Fear Of Being Thought Stodgy (FOBTS?). Hmmmm.... ;-)

Jo Vandermey said...

I admit I fall prey to the I should blog category. Truth is I don't think I have found my true motive for blogging... I feel like it am talking to myself mostly so I quit of awhile . Then some times I think I blog to give my vast knowledge away but then I realize my knowledge comes from others. Truth is I lead a busy life. I don't want to brag about my stuff, or complain about my life and I forget to take pictures of my work in progress.
This being said I do get value from reading blogs. I meet new friends (aka Elle) and can feel like I am not so alone in my interests.
So please continue Elle blogging as you wish... We are listening and enjoying.