Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lets try again!

A place for everything  and everything in its place!

First the good news!

The printed paper has been relegated to 15 slots in my wall mounted files. Green is GO and Sew.  Blue is sky is the limit for Mixing up the Medias.  Orange is ornga glad to be working with the kids.  Red is remember strategic planning or there will be a fire!  And purple is the royal kingdom of design.   Phew!  I'm glad that is done.  I should be able to find things but I have a bad habit of leaping in without checking through the helpful stuff I've saved. :(   Note to self-  remember the red!   A few Really good ideas are pinned on my idea board which is behind Mini and is kept small on purpose.  It hopefully reduces visual clutter and I can pin block patterns up for correct placement.   The irons are out of the way so they don't get knocked over when I don't need them.  I couldn't get the basic books into the hanging files but I had a wee bit of room at the end of my big table area.

It is a bit cramped along my sewing wall but I'll stand to sew on Mini.  I had to make some compromises and this just means I can't pile stuff in the walkway.  A bonus for sure.  lol

A deterrent to piling things in front of that west window is the sun.  It'll likely fade anything left laying about for any length of time.  A good incentive to keep the clutter down, I hope!

I haven't actually sat down to Nina and sewn but again, a compromise.  She has room behind her and is easy to slide onto my new stool.  My threads are accessible and  the stash/design wall is handy.

I did put my design board against the fabric wall.  Again a compromise but every time I pass through the upstairs hallway I'm glad to not have to negotiate around it.  Think midnight runs!  :O

The most important piece of furniture in my playroom is the large cutting table. I store rolling storage carts under it.   I had to leave one leaf down.  But it is accessible on both sides because I have a large cupboard against the wall.  I've not much in it but could roll the table forward to access some stuff I rarely use.  I'm not ready to part with the cupboard just yet and if the drawers aren't handy the top is sure useful!  The other end has the ironing station on top of a cupboard of colour coded papers for journals and such.

I've spent some time reflecting on what exactly I want from my mixed media corner.  Fibre is my first luv but this corner turned out to be the roomiest.  The door is off the closet so I can get at things easily.   I have learned that lots of counter space isn't necessary because I only seem to be able to keep about two square feet clear enough to work on.   This is also kinda cluttered visually but I need to be able to reach for the things I need when I need them. Much as I'd like to keep the cutting table for fabric I'm back working with girls who want to develop their creativity so the table sees lots of mixed media use. I just flap down Dollar store shower curtains on it.   It also helps me keep on top of clutter.  ;~)

The die cutter is in the only spot that makes it useful and one bookcase on the fabric storage wall holds finished journals and memory books, beads and buttons,  polymer clay and novelty fabric.  Some of that may not survive the 'next'  purge. 

But for now, everything seems to have found a place and I am back to bare floors!  Now to see if I can keep it that way.  aw! I think even messes may have their place! 


What Comes Next? said...

Good job Elle! You've mastered the clutter - something I desperately need to do! although a creative mess does have its place - right?

Createology said...

Well done dear. Now you can easily walk into your studio and create. No need to search for supplies or space...Fabulous! Dare to Delight.

Margaret said...

It all looks very compact and efficient. I too have a sunny window and vacillate between 'curtains open' and 'curtains closed'. I admit I've never tried sewing standing up, but my machine fits down into its table...

Hope you enjoy your re-configured space! :-)