Monday, March 23, 2015

Big Dreams

I am pushing hard on the dreams!

The Big dream-
Unfortunately I have not had time to do much more than study some crazy patch blocks and decide on the size.  I've been feeling like my technical skills need upping for the crazy quilt and just this past week  I discovered an online class that teaches crazy quilting so I've signed up and I'm gathering my supplies for the sample block.     Stay tuned for class samples.

The Bigger dream-
I have the whole house plan in forward motion.  My favourite colours, robin's egg blue, butter yellow and cranberry have been confirmed.  Cranberry is becoming a minor player and the aqua blue is moving ahead.  ;^)  There will be lots of white and I need to settle on some neutral paint colours that are from the griege, a neutral grey, colour group. 

Because colour is always influenced by colour,  I need actual fabrics to match the wall colours to.  I  have gathered all my possibles into one section of my stash cupboard.  I will just grab the four seasonal groupings for the required room and lay them along side of a large paint sample.  I'm ready!  The spring look has spread around the ground floor and I'm revamping the upstairs currently.

The Biggest dream:
The Rooster said it was time to begin the kitchen.  We were off to Ikea and the new pantry!  It turns out my preferred cabinet style has been discontinued but I found an even better one. I absolutely luv bead board!   :)  They have redone the base units and changed some of the door/drawer options. :)  It was a two day affair to get this unit together and we still need a couple of things to finish.  :)  I'm beginning to 'see' how it'll all look!  :)  The wall colour will be upped to a medium neutral.

So far- no nightmares!!!  lol

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HollyM said...

My you are organized! I love the white look. Everything looks so bright and clean.
I wish we had an Ikea nearby.