Friday, March 27, 2015

March or Bust

We are stamping our feet over here at elle's place.

Bunnies stamp for danger but the danger is over and the baby quilt is done.  :)

The cushion turned out wonderful and then I had to march right out and buy some more fabric so I could make a coordinating lap quilt!  LOL  So now I will be adding one to the new and ongoing list.  :/

Next up are the two bunk bed quilts that need binding.  And for those who think I am organized I must confess that I have no idea where I put the binding I'd cut and had ready.  vbsigh!  :[  In the interest of staving off my procrastination devil I cut new strips and just got to it.  I didn't even compare or looking for best match.  :O  oops, the first chunk didn't go so...  Best of three!

And I think I'm going to give up on totally machined binding.  Way too stressful! :b


36 open projects
  3 finished
  & gathering fabric for a new one


Vicki W said...

I'm going to be lucky if I come out even for this month.

Beth said...

Every blog post I chuckle away!! You are a HOOT!. I dare not list "needs to be done" projects......

Nita said...

I love the orange binding :) (but then orange is my current favourite colour, lol!) and the drunkard's path pillow! I don't blame you for marching out for fabric to make a matching quilt. I would too!

What Comes Next? said...

Hey, you've finished more than you started you are a head of the game! The pillow does look great, so the lap quilt to go with is really just completing that project, don't you think?