Saturday, May 16, 2015


I really do luv to PLAY around.  Especially with pigment, and pastes, mixed media products and  pieces of ephemera and, and, and!   It is all about Participaction!

 I did think about a lovely photo shoot with  ALL my favourite play things but it will take far too long to put my play things back from where I would eventually find everything.  It is also spring and today, for the next few hours the weather forecasters are claiming it'll be warm and dry.  There are all kinds of dire predictions of ugly weather for the rest of this May long weekend.  :O

I'm not known for my practicality but the question begs to be asked-  What is the purpose of playing?


I am back to my personal space.  I need to play/make things for my home, my family and for me.

The twice-weekly letter from Robert and Sara Genn kinda clarified this important point for me.

"Here's a creative method surprisingly and often overlooked as we go about and busy ourselves in art-making. Take a look around your own home and family and see what might be needed. Find a wall or a space that can be filled with something you, yourself, would rather like to see. Take a look around your home and family and find something that is worthy of another look and perhaps a rendering for your own joy.

"Love something -- serve it" might seem like an outworn sentiment but it's often the very basis of great art and artistic evolvement."

And that will be the plan- no plan.  Just find the next thing that I'd like to play with and have me some participaction!

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Createology said...

I have looked around and found just the perfect project. Now to remember to find the time and do it. Nike says it best, "Just Do It". Wonderful advice dear...