Thursday, May 21, 2015


I've been organizing Josh's travel journal into daily sections, adding pockets and flaps and gathering journal fodder into baggies for our trip.  Lots of fun for me now and for him later.  We'll be on the lookout for ephemera as we go along.

I got some coloured pens and tried to make it very interactive for him but in such a way he can work on it by himself.  I need to remind him to leave room for some photos when we get home. :O  I'll be using my new camera and he can use my little point and shoot.

He luvs maps and is a good planner in his own right.  Details delight him.  He is a why guy!  The girls have their journal pages done fairly quickly and he is still getting things just the way he wants them. 

From our Manitoba CAA magazine I got a great page on Winnipeg being the hub to all kinds of places.  Not as much as it once was but still it is definitely where we take off from and return to!  :)

We are winding down our school art program and the school journals are getting fuller.  We will definitely be starting another for next year but there are a few pages left for summer fun!   These are the Smash books put out by K&C Company and are quite affordable.  Really smashing!


Vicki W said...

What a col journal!

Createology said...

Josh will be thrilled with his Smash Journal and all the details of your trip together. Creative Bliss...

Beth said...

How! You did a great job!