Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How many more sleeps?

 We were in danger of sun burn a week ago and now there is such a bite to the wind that I'm wearing a sweater under my hoodie.  I have had to cover plants and even then the morning glories were mournful after their overnight blankie was removed.

Top of the list before packing for the trip to visit DD was to get the grass all cut and the plantings into the ground.  I bought a second clematis thinking the original was dead. oops!   Some things are so late.  They know it is cold!  The Rooster has a couple of cucumbers to stick into the 'real' garden and we will be just about on schedule to move to the structures phase for summer and June 21st  when I get back.   He will do another weeding and maintain while I am away. 

 The Rooster has been watching the Faeries move in.  I also saw him checking out the water plants and pond liners on our last nursery excursion.  :O

I'm not sure it'll make this year's list but I'm pretty hopeful that the faeries will eventual get running water to play by.  But there is no time to sit and watch Faeries playing.  What is next on my list to do before I run out of sleeps?


Mary Ann Tate said...

Today it's colder in the house than outside as the heat hasn't gone on. We keep it set at one temp and if it doesn't go below that inside I freeze. No one else cares just me the eternally cold one....LOL I'm going outside to get warmer:)

Createology said...

Elle dear your gardens are looking so beautiful even though it is cold now for the plants. I LOVE your Faerie garden with its magical properties. You and Josh will have such a grand time on your trip to visit DD. Happy Pre-Birthday My Friend...June JOY!

Beth said...

The garden is really coming in and I love your faeries