Friday, December 2, 2016

Around Town

Of course, I have to be able to get to town.  They had really hoped for frozen ground/grass but that is not happening.  They are even pumping water from one dammed spot to the other.  And ha! you can take that any way you want!  lol

But I did get to town.

My friend feeds me a lovely breakfast and then we work on our project.  I had found a great tutorial for an easy journal.

 I really liked how tidy it was and learned a few things that were new to me.

 I'm not sure about the embroidery floss that holds the signatures.  I maybe have it too loose.  But all in all, my journals are looking better and that is a good thing!

This next stop could end up being too much of a good thing but...

There is a new store in town-  Needle Crafts and Studio!   She is a modern gal and I like that.  She also is carrying LOVELY wool!  I have picked up my crochet hook this last month so this is great.  I am self taught and my beginnings are not so good.  She  offers classes for knitting but maybe she could add a beginners class for crochet.  That would cause me to hit the road for sure!

  And of course a little fabric inspiration could have me heading off to town as well!   ;^)


Createology said...

Great tutorial for making a simple journal and how fun to be able to make them just the way you like. Your new Retail Therapy looks like a wonderful way to stave off Winter doldrums.

Jo Vandermey said...

Those journals could become addictive! And the new store looks like it has potential. I love when I can walk into a store and feel at home there!