Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The calm before the storm!

Well, we started out nice and calm.   We try to follow Frances's good idea.  Family time for us revolves around the three grand kiddies, a sleep over and lots of food!

Old friends are not forgotten but incorporated into the festivities.

We slip into more comfortable clothes as the evening progresses.  I hope he always gets excited over new shirts!  I expect Legos may go by the wayside though we have several more years to add to his collection.

Their parent's presents tend to focus on learning.  Last year's doctor's coat makes a fine lab coat! The blue hand is covering the blue nose! 

After a good night's sleep mayhem ensues as we give out our presents.

Eliana is ALL about making music this year.  She chose musical instruments with her gift card and we obliged her with a small keyboard.  Who knew the Rooster knew anything about music!  LOL

 Jolina has always played.  I am delighted that she is as enamoured with doll houses as I was.  Hmm, looks like a tenant inquiring about any extra rooms!

 My dearie looks for Joshua's present throughout the year because both seem to like the techy aspect of building machines.  He is telling Josh that he started with big plastic nuts and bolts and yes, they do get smaller and smaller!

With one eye on the approaching blizzard we finished up our time relaxing and nibbling!  ah, I see a deal has been struck between the homeowner and the new roomer!  ;^)

The snow arrived as scheduled but we had arrived home before it and now we have no schedule.  Well, except for the eventual shoveling out.  The new road access was done before Christmas eve and all that is left is some spring landscaping.

While the Rooster messes about with his pots and pans I checked out my presents.  He gets homemade baking!

Our practical DD#2 gives books to be used for the grand kiddies home schooling,  The Fairy book is mine and I do luv fairie stories.   The curriculum requires one story a week.  I shall share the best ones.  The science course is a year long study of botany for ages six to twelve and is really cool.  Their mum will teach it but they need nature journals which fits in with our art studies.  :)

Eliana is more of a maker than someone who plays with toys.  I got a very well decorated gift box and card.  I have been printing photos for their planner/journals and forgot to resize Eliana's.  But she is a girl who delights in more is more so she won't mind!  lol

My memory keeper is up to date and is not quite so busy when I remember I can add photo pages.  :/

I am trying to cultivate the habit of handwork in the evenings.  I am self taught and this is my first, well, my third time to try working in the round.  The first hat was way too big and had numerous mistakes.  I enjoy crocheting and didn't mind unraveling it and beginning again.  The yarn breaks so now I have two rugs for the new doll house! ha!  Anymore mistakes and it'll be a one of those ear muff thingies!  But third time is a charm and I have instructed the Rooster (loudly) that he is not to read me important bits while I am counting!  ;{

A long post.  It'll be my last for this year.  I am determined not to let the grand kiddies take over the blog and I have set ambitious plans and changes in motion so The story, indeed My Story, shall unfold in a new way as the new calendar takes centre stage. 

Happy Holidays!


Nita said...

Merry Christmas! It looks like fun was had by all. Love the kitty in the doll house, lol. 😄🎄

Frances Arnold said...

Thanks for the shout-out!!! I love reading all of your ideas and plans....cant wait for the new year!!!

Beth said...

Great post. I felt like I was there. Happy, healthy, joyous New Year to you and your entire family.

Createology said...

Lovely Christmas shared with Family. I see lots of very excellent gifts. How sweet little kitty got a room to curl up in. May you have a Wonderful 2017 and lots of Happiness, Health, Peace, JOY and Creative Bliss. XO